Do you have a list of lunch items or dinner items with the calorie/fiber amounts.

    I just came back from one of your Applebee's where I a good lunch. But, when I asked the Hostise if she had a list of calories, fiber, protein items. asking the second time, all she said was I don't think so. I could have asked to please go check, but I was tired, and didn't want to stand there. I was using a cane. The, my waiter was very nice, but he wasn't around at the time. I know they, Applebees do cater to Weight Watchers, and try to keep the calories down. Just thought, she could have treated me better. Am sure you do have a list of all the menu items with the point system. Thanks for your time. Delores

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    Sorry, you have the wrong site. We are not Applebees.

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