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    Engulf yourself in your Christianity,this evidence is a bunch of garbage,there is but one and only Jesus Christ who died for our sins on the cross."That is all that matters", there will always be distractions such as this,step on them and move forward.God bless.


    Are you sure you are a christian?Cause the way you're talking it's kinda hard to buy.


    Oh, I see,I hope in the end you come back strong within your Christianity,he (Jesus) doesn't want to lose you,but he cant make you stay,but don't forget his love.:)




    An Orthodox individual believes that Jesus was not the son of God despite all the proof the Bible provides. So if you still consider them to be a good source after knowing this. Then you need to reconsider the fact that you may not be as open minded as you would like to believe.


    what you suggesting is ignorance and i know ignorance is bliss, but sometimes evidence are overwhelming


    lol, i am hundred percent christian, but i don't think my belief is so strong as i keep reading about buddhism, islam, jewish people, kind of like examining everyone of them to find the perfect one, my parents allow me the freedom to convert if i want to, one reason why i need other christians opinions


    thanks stay strong in your religion too, peace :]

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    Jesus life is well told by the prophets in the old testament. Was this done in the koran?

    Headless Man

    I believe maybe some of the Bible info is in the koran but then distorted. The koran teaches to kill those that won't convert, the Bible says to LOVE them, I choose Love. Love, Randy


    yes, it does tell you about him, his mother, their followers , it also talks about christianity and the bible, this is where it gets confusing really, how did they know about is and the bible, i mean the koran has proved numerous scientific facts on the net, so really don't know what to believe, i have to do an extensive research by myself to understand which is truth

    papa peg

    How many Koran's are there.Seems like there are a couple different one's

    I believe In the BIBLE.And I'll talk about it .But I won't debate with anybody about it.


    i'm not here to question you guys just want your opinions, but you wont 'debate about it'; because your faith in it is so strong or is it your afraid you might find something that will prove you wrong?


    that's exactly what i'm trying to do, ask people to help me find an explanation to these connections . peace :]

    papa peg

    I am not afraid of anything I have read my BIBLE 3 times.And some times I find things I don't understand.But I figure them out or ask somebody I trust to explain it to me.

    total bollocks

    Just sitting hear watching people argue about fiction says it all. How funny. I guess you both are serious over what you believe. I just cannot understand why you believe in either. It's all books by mankind dudes. Don't let it ruin your life. Go to or Barnes and Noble and get some good fiction books about our times. Let what a bunch of guys who wrote a couple of thousand of years ago go. Check the NY Times best sellers list. There's lots of good fiction out there.


    thanks for the advice but sorry to say this, but i love god and i know he exists, and i'm here to find out more about him not about stuff, i care more about my afterlife and god than these materialistic stuff that will ruin every man's life in the end. soon people will realise how blind and deaf they were in this world, more like a walking shadow. and i really wouldn't like to be part of that group rather the opposite.


    hey ole hipster, i'm great thanks for asking, just trying to figure out what the bible is filling my head with, and which is true or not, since i've been told it's been changed all the time by ordinary people like you and me, figuring out why i'm in the church every sunday, and the point and all, you know , religious stuff, afterall i'm talkin about my life and i'd love to know the truth in order to live happily than blindly follow the sheeps. love . keep up the happiness, hope your doing great in your life too. :]

    ole hipster

    Hey double...what's up?..haven't heard from you in a bit...hope all is well with you! Peace and love and all that good stuff! (:

    Jesus died our sins and I am soooo glad that he did!!!! Some people do not know what they are talking about!

    yeah i know they are not compatible, yet i'm still trying to find out how they are connected, since they are both talking about the same guy(jesus) and they both are religious books and they are also very old both of them, just trying to figure out stuff, you know, i'm looking at both religions and why one refers him to such and the other to such, but i guess i should take my conversation to somewhere else, this group gives you straight answers like lasers, seriously not open at all for a small debate to find out more about their religion and it's truth, instead of believing everything that's read out to them just because it had made sense to their parents and grandpas before, they think it should make sense to them as well, anyways this is the end i'll be talking this debate to somewhere else,
    thanks everyone for your sincere responses, appreciated
    bye :]

    Quran proves Jesus Died

    The Bible says that Jesus died for our Sins…. Isaiah 53:5 But He (Christ) was pierced for our transgressions, he was crushed for our iniquities; the punishment that brought us peace was upon him, and by his wounds we are healed.,… The Bible tells us Christ was put to death for our mistakes and for our sins. By this sacrifice of pure and sinless blood we are made righteous with a Holy and Perfect God.

    Matthew 27:35 And when they had crucified Him, they divided up His garments among themselves, casting lots;……. Again the Bible confirms that Jesus was put to Death.

    John 19:18 There they crucified Him, and with Him two other men, one on either side, and Jesus in between;……. Again here and in numerous other passages, the Bible confirms that Jesus was put to Death.

    The Qur’an confirms that Jesus was killed by God….
    Sura Aali-Imran 3:55 (Pickthall) (And remember) when Allah said: O Jesus! Lo! I am gathering Thee and causing Thee to ascend unto Me……. The Arabic word used here is muta-waffiika which means "cause you to die" So the Qur'an confirms that God put Christ to Death and then raised him with his body to himself. Jesus body was not buried to decay and become dust, but instead was raised straight into God’s presence in heaven.

    Sura Maa-idah 5:117(Pickthall) I spake unto them ….and when thou tookest me, …….The Arabic word used here is tawaffay-tanii which means "to kill someone or cause someone to die" So here again we see that the Qur'an confirms that God put Jesus Christ to Death and then took him up (with his body) to heaven. This Faultless (sinless) one was put to death. He did not go to anywhere else like other prophets have, to "Barzakh" which is a temporary place, until the day of resurrection, No! Jesus went straight into God’s presence in Heaven, with His body.

    The Bible tells us that God Himself is a Guardian over it…….
    Matthew 5:18 "For truly I (God) say to you, until heaven and earth pass away, not the smallest letter or stroke shall pass away…… Here and in other passages, God tells us that nothing in the Bible will change or pass away, no! not even the smallest dot or punctuation mark. No human being can change God’s word if God is protecting it. There is no better protector than God.

    The Qur’an confirms that God is a Guardian over the Bible…….
    Sura Maaidah 5:48 (Pickthall) And unto thee We revealed the Scripture with truth, confirming whatever Scripture was before it, and a watcher (Guardian) over it….

    Sura Haa-Miim-Al-Sijdah 41:42 Falsehood (or changes) cannot come at it from before it or behind it. (It is) a revelation from the Wise, the Owner of Praise (God)…..

    Sura Al-Hijr 15:9 Lo! We even We, reveal the reminder and Lo! We verily (truly) are its Guardian…… Here and in other passages, God tells us He alone, not man, is the Guardian of all Holy Scripture. Since God is the Guardian no one can alter or change any words of the Bible, which is His Holy Scripture that He gave to Moses and all the other prophets.

    Hard to argue with agreement?    what do you think?

    like Elvis and Micheal Jackson??

    Grit Savage

    of course its a joke! :-)

    Grit Savage

    so this isn't mentioned in the "bible" where does it come from?

    you are now asking/stating if a bloke was sacrificed for "jesus" thereby negating any significance of "his" death and subsequent "resurrection"!
    of course its a joke, I'm just waiting to see how the hard core god squad responds to one of the core beliefs of their religion being potentially nullified.


    sorry but this is not a joke, neither did i want to be funny, it's serious and unless you don't have or can't come up with an answer then don't respond please, thank you


    how is this question a joke? is it because it ruins every aspect of your beliefs? is it because you feel the need to completely take this question as a joke ignore it, because it isn't mentioned in the bible,
    or is it a joke because you have no religion and think everything to do with god is a joke? which one, and explain please


    oh, i am doing that, right, hahahahahaahhaha, "core belief potentially nullified" hahahahahaha
    But it's the truth :(

    Keep looking for the truth, double, you're in the Bible, stay there....chew on the Gospel of John, nice and slow, as well as Ephesians, Philippians, Romans and I John. Great places to get questions answered, and it won't take you that much time.

    Oh, and hey Shadow...quite a risk you're taking there, relying on only the "now" to define what is true. No serious minded person takes that chance, even secular historians will tell you that, i.e., remember Burke's quote, "those who don't know history are destined to repeat it." Modern fiction is also the lie you tell yourself to justify making up the rules that allow you to please yourself at the expense of others (and God, too, no?) Check it out: There is so much truth in the Bible, even on a common sense level (if you want to leave it at that and stay away from the spiritual aspect,) that it's pretty clear you haven't read any of it to know whether it's "fiction" or not. Our entire basis of Jurisprudence uses the truths of the Bible for its foundation. You also wouldn't have the capacity for "moral outrage" without it. Anyway, it's disingenous and hypocritical to criticize what you haven't read or aren't familiar with, so get crackin' man, do your homework, you're running out of the relatively short amount of time God has given you to figure it out for yourself...seriously....


    Incabob, I speant the first 14 years of my educational life in an evangelica parochial school plust eight years of Sunday school. I think I am well aware of what the Bible says. It was only then when I got out into the real world that I learned I had been duped. I am now a fine moral aethiest still in awe of all the ignorance in the world.

    No harm in debate, papa peg, Paul used O.T. scripture to debate his critics all the time (check out Acts 17.) There is an obligation to confront falsehood with the truth, even if it hurts. Anyway...seems like an honest, open conversation going on so far, I'm thinking, but differing opinions can be irritating depending upon how it they are taken.

    Hey doublehelix, it sounds like you don't know what you actually think. If you can't recogize why you have to actually take sides for one or the other (in other words, making up your mind,) you're insecure in your belief. Go study some more, pray some more, these two religions are not compatible, one of them is truth, not both. Making a choice is the definition of "taking sides" :0) Can't mix Islam and Christianity.

    Good grief, now I've heard it all. With all due respect, using the Quran to attempt to prove the veracity of the Bible is a heretical, ridiculous exercise in futility. When it comes to the unique messsage of Christinity, the Bible tells that story, not the Quran. At any rate, the outcome is emphatically not same for both "books," and their purposes are antithetical to one another. In the Bible, Jesus is the story, not Islam. At no point in the Quran is Jesus acknowledged as God Incarnate, the only hope of reconciliation between sinful man and God, the only pathway to salvation through propitiation of sin. And that's just for starters.....whoever you are, stick to your Islamic faith if you must, but be intellectually honest enough to admit these two messages will never mix. Even the most committed Universalist understands that one.

    Islamic expansionism, in all of its forms, stops at the foot of the Cross.


    lol, my main question was what do you think? of all this evidence?
    lol again, i'm christian, but i'm just trying to understand things deeper to know the truth about my religion, i want other christians opinions, i'm not trying to take sides in islam or christianity, only wanting to find the truth among so many truths and lies, i want the original ones :)

    ...but Jesus repeatedly stated in the Gospels, and often alluded to Old Testament prophecy to bolster his argument, that he was appointed to die to redeem sinful man (that means you and me) by the shedding of his own blood, "a lamb led to slaughter," and to rise again three days later. So, if you have enough faith to believe in the supernatural, i.e., that God would miraculously implement a plan to take him instead of someone else, then at least have the intellectual courage and honesty to examine what Jesus said about himself, and the specific role he came to play. Here's the choice we have with Jesus: we can't say he is a wise teacher and the best example of mankind, and at the same time deny what he said about himself. That is faulty logic. As C.S. Lewis points out, he is either exactly who he said he was (God in the flesh), or he was a liar, or as crazy as a guy who claims he is a poached egg. There is no in between. So check it out, read the Gospel of John, and make your own decision about what is believable about Jesus. Only at that point will you understand why he couldn't have (wouldn't have wanted to have,) a "stand-in" for his own sacrifice on the Cross.

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