why do humans crave for conflict

    why do humans create conflict around them such as war, killing other races, religions because they hate them or don't follow the same, why do they create such things when they KNOW they are going to die any moment in their life, don't they see the meaningless of it all, i mean why create such conflicts among them,why do children can't wait until they are adults to leave their homes and have sex, why do they want to run away when they know in the end their family is the only place they'd ever belong and try to treasure it instead of running away from it?

    why do they all crave for conflict, instead of fixing it ?
    is it because they find life boring, is it because they want to put a meaning in their lives, is it because it will gain them power, sympathy from others or what else?

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    were complicated and contradictory all the time.

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    When one does not take responsibility for their own actions and their life, then the lesson can not be learned.. war is mostly pawns fulfilling their duty.. other than a few who defend. They also have not learned the power of harmonization.. when you clump together for a cause it isn't harmony.. it's cancer. Harmonization does not require teamwork.. teamwork is the idea that a team is one, but a team is made of individuals.. harmony does not require teamwork, it requires only love and understanding that everyone is already one. Team is separation.

    Conflicts create wars, wars keep the population in check. Had there never been a single war, we would have three square feet of living space each to grow our food and would have to learn to sleep standing up. Better to die by the gun than starving while standing.

    Not all people crave for conflict, for those who do it's for ATTENTION!!!

    I do not know about others, but I myself do not crave nor want conflict though I know it is always a part of our lives.

    Good question we should not but it seems we do and there is no answer for it I believe

    Humans crave conflict because a utipian existence would be the most agonizing boredom a person could experience. The thing is, conflict is a matter of degree and elicits a wide range of emotions from excitement and joy to anger and hate. After all, humans are complicated creatures and crave stimulation of all sorts and conflict is a large part of this.

    We are born in conflict and are taught to learn it and why it must be. Conflict is prejudice, because it pits us against others who are not. It is something we dont know until we learn it.

    Conflict seeks to destroy and harbors a negative spirit that resist anything positive.

    Your sister,

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