if you were diagnosed with cancer and told you have less than 2 weeks left, how do you take it in? what types of things do you take into consideration?

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    First I would pray, secondly would get a second opinion from a very good physician that I had done my research on. And I do not think I would go through chemo and all that if it ended up being the correct diagnosis I would try to do what needed to be done and try to let the ones I love know that I did truly love them and cared.

    My Mother in law died tonight from cancer. She was told about 6 weeks ago. The greatest thing she did after she found out was she turned to God and He gave her such a peace. She accepted what she had and enjoyed the time she had. She is now with the Lord in Heaven. She was my Mother in Law and yes I did love her



    My heartfelt condolences to you. I'm glad the thought of her with the lord brings you comfort. (((hugs)))

    Headless Man

    The knowledge of knowing they will be waiting for you is a great comfort. Love, Randy


    better an 11th hour christian than never. my mother too had cancer at age 65. she too asked christ into her heart on her death bed,praise god


    Thanks Colleen. We all get mad at each other on this site but at the end of the day we all have feelings


    Thanks ole hipster...Good to know people are thinking of us


    Thats great to hear darren. Makes all the diff. Thumbs up

    ole hipster

    Please accept these words of sympathy for you and your family: "What the caterpillar perceives is the end, to the butterfly is just the beginning"

    "if you were diagnosed with cancer and told you have less than 2 weeks left"
    Reality is that in most cases you wouldn't physically be able to do the things you would want to do.
    So do them now wile you can. Be ready so you won't need to be concerned then. Love, Randy

    The first thought would be for my wife. We are best friends and one without the other is nothing. My ideal would be for us both to fly off to Heaven together. Eternity together would be Heaven

    just carry on with life make some changes for the better, ignore the prediction don't give it any power,
    concentrate on what you want not what you don't want.( have been down that road so I know what I am talking about)we live we die. don't will yourself on a prediction fight back! look at the p.h of your body . change it.

    First I think I would thank God for at least giving me the chance to clear things up that may be left loose in my life whether it was making amends or whatever I felt needed done. I would be with my family and friends to be sure they know what an influence they have had in my life and how much I love them. Then I would sky jump,go sailing,hoarse back riding, climb a tree( and try to do everything that I could with my kids so I knew they were given a chance to experience once in a lifetime things with me before I am gone.I would want to enjoy every last available moment with the ones I love.Then again you never know what you would do until you are in a position like that.

    jayaywhy offers good advice have gone down the health road myself,chemo gives only 2% success rate forget it, build up your immune system, grab every antioxidant,you can lay your hands ,on this is a war going on in the body the free radicals have out numbered the antioxidants,don't return to old eating habits,give up red meat,chicken,hams,etc, limit yourself to deep sea salmon& vegetables,etc, organic if possible create more oxygen within your body cells deep breathing light exercise initiate CHANGE destroy the cancer enemy keep clear of sugars and acid foods.

    You might not believe me but with only two weeks to live you might want to take my advice. I'll start by saying all cancers are reversible by proper diet. At this point you have no choice but to get yourself a juicer. You should start to eat nothing but raw vegetables, mostly carrots, broccoli and spinach all organic if you can. You will put these vegetables into a juicer and maker yourself juices for breakfast, lunch and super plus all snack. Consume nothing but this and your cancer tumor will begin regression immediately. You should check out a very educational documentary called Curing Cancer From The Inside Out.

    I would arrange my own funeral and make sure I had my will updated, and then I would spend the rest of my days with the ones I love the most and encourage them to love one another and spend time together as often as possible. I would also tell them to trust in God and live for Him so I would be able to spend eternity with them in Heaven.

    After being told, I would faint. After I got up, I would faint again. No, Seriously I would say nothing to anyone and be myself till I died. I don't owe anyone any apologies, money, or lost affection. All that I would ask the "Big Guy" is that it not rain in heaven and that it's warm.

    book the funeral then go and get plastered


    that sounds like a plan ... i haven't seen you around these parts lately.

    my father was diagnosed with colon cancer this past christmas it had gotten so far along that it is in his other organs they have given him 6 months to a year to live but he started chemo right off and the cancer cells have shrunk please i dont care if they tell u that u only have 1 day left u take the chemo and u do everything in your power to fight it we know that my dads cancer will not go away because of the chemo the cancer will eventually take his life but what we do know is that the cells are shrinking which will give him more time it could add years to his life-fight with all u have!!!

    I always wanted to try Crack, guess this would be a good time to try it


    yup ... sounds like the thing. i don't know what it is but i suppose given those dreadful circumstances i could learn quickly.

    1. I would tell my children that I love them (nothing different to time spent)

    2. I would not work, but leave notes on all outstanding jobs

    3. I would walk in the sun & smile

    4. I would like to touch (but probably would not be able to find the person to receive this)

    5. I would like to be proven wrong - and find the next life...


    The next life is not hard to find. Believe in the Lord. If I am wrong what would you loose but if I am right then look what you will gain. Eternity in Heaven.

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