serious question, How did the olden days ppl used to treat pple who are in a coma state?

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    I can't find anything on it. I can only guess they would have tried standard stuff. Wet cloth and squeeze water droplets into the mouth to try and keep the patient hydrated, perhaps some bleeding as it was still a popular source of cure for many aliments then. Herbs applied to the body in cloth packs or maybe even the wet cloth for hydration and a whole lot of prayer. The patient either woke up or died. This is my best guess. I'm sure it doesn't help much as I'm assuming you might be working on a school paper?

    Sorry I couldn't help you.


    thanks, that was great actually :)

    How far back do you consider olden days to be?

    in the 1700s or just before they discovered what coma actually is and the creation of the medical IV and stuff.

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