if you were to go back...

    if you were to go back in time when you were a 16 year old teenager with your understanding of life right now, what would you change in yourself, in your life, your family, your career?

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    I see no one has mentioned in changing anything in their family, that's a good thing.

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    Definitely I would change things but I think this would be true with anyone. Everyone has said at one time or another- 'let me have another chance at that.' meaning they want to do it again but differently. And we are talking about the same day, not only back to 16 Everyday we make mistakes but every day we learn, what is so bad about it is by the time we know everything, Alzheimer's steps in or dementia and we forget it all and its time to part this world..

    of course if I could go back to 16 i would change almost everything -- Why would i want to live the same life again, 'been there, done that' Not that I am unhappy with my past but to live again in a new adventure..


    Yes, and this is why we should always respect the elders, they have lived a full life and have already forgot what we still have to learn. Too bad that many young people won't take the time to listen to them, they could learn so much, but they are old and stupid the young say..

    'When I was 18, my father was stupid, then when I turned 21, I was amazed at how much he learned in just 3 years." -Mark Twain


    that is so true, it's so sad when these disorders happen in your brain, it's like a lifetime of memories gone in one day :(

    OH YA if I would have known back then what I know now I don't think I would be hurting so bad now


    done alot of stupid things back then ended up in the ER a few times.. still paying for those "good times"


    yup thats right.. I wouldn't say sad, maybe growing pains ya gotta learn some how. to bad the pain comes later on in life


    could you explain further please?


    yeah that's really bad, when you think of it, paying for those "good times" wether it's psychological or physiological, but arn't we all humans who want to have some good times when young, but then it backbites you in the future, life is sad.


    yeah equivalent exchange, life is all about; to gain something you must also lose something the same value.

    I would have gotten a different job and saved more money instead of spending it on frivolous stuff.
    Gonna scroll right to the bottom and make my answer then read the rest! I would be less afraid of my peers (knowing now that we all have our insecurities especially at that age), I would not be so concerned about getting a boyfriend and concern myself more with being a friend to all (that is all that would respond...wouldn't push myself on anyone), I would appreciate my family more (did parents were my best friends, but just more), would listen better in class because now I wish I knew more! :)
    I have thought about this before. Should I go back in time, I would hope to change nothing, but to see it for what it's worth. Should I change a thing, I would probably make it worse, because we don't know what another path would take us, even if we could change it. Some where down the line, we would make it something it was not meant to be.

    Your sister,

    I think you are likely very wise in when I consider my answer I realize that I might not be where I am and I love where I am!

    Yes, great question, t.u.2u, I would have gotten better grades in high school, I was to distracted with all the cute girls. It would have made it much easier for me to get into a great college, instead of a good one.

    Also, I would always finish what I started, It took me to long to learn that lesson. I wouldn't have ever used steroids, and would have married my main high school girlfriend. I also would have gone to Bible college at a much younger age.

    Hindsight is 20/20 vision, they say.


    yeah, drugs is ruining so many lives on this planet.


    It's the side effects you never consider, when your a kid, most of us think were invincible. Steroids stunt your growth if you take them at to young of an age, not to mention all the other side effects.

    would not have gotten married so very young, I would not do that again I would hope.

    Become better educated I've been a blue collar worker all my life made good money, but more education would have made more money without working so hard not bitchin mind ya thats what I'd have changed if I could have gone back in time


    BUt you can always educate yourself further, whatever your doing at the time. look for what interests you and aim for a goal, and keep your blue collar job at the same time to earn money. you can always increase your knowledge. some people thinks it's too late to do that, but don't believe them, have faith in yourself and your skills.


    I am retired now 1 month ago but am thinking of taking something just to expand my mind got hobbies, home to keep busy not interested in a career at this point Thanks Doublehelix

    There are many things I would have done different but it might change exactly who I am now. I was raped as a young teen and turned to drugs and alcohol for quite a few years. Sad looking back at my teen years, but because of it I am very strong now and have been able to help a lot of people with my experiences.We all need to have difficult times in order to grow into who we are.Growing pains hurt! The world would have no personality if everything was simple.No matter what the challenges in my life, I have appreciation, if that makes sense.Maybe not in the act itself, but the survivor I have found from within. None of this has been easily been acquired, hence ,no I would not go back and change a thing.


    that's a great answer mom, appreciate it, it's very true, you need to face with difficulties and mistakes in order to grow up and learn. hope your doing okay :) the past can be very painful.


    doublehelix this is an awesome question because I know a lot of us wish we could turn back the hands of time,I definitely would have stopped trying to grow up so fast and concentrated more on school,I made a lot of poor choices when it came to boyfriends,I had plenty of time for those kind of things,If I only knew then what I do now.But I guess on the bright side I never got drunk or did drugs and I wasn't pregnant at sixteen.But school should have been my focus.


    Now that's the way it should be done...good for you,don't stop till you have it all!


    true, school should be everyones top priority, on the lucky side, i didn't do anything stupid during highschool, and i'm at a good college right now, love it.

    Would not have turned to drugs after my college football career ended with a torn MCL and PCL, I was 31 years old and drugs brought down every aspect in my life.

    either Stayed at school then onto more education!!!
    Or traveled the World!!!

    I wouldn't be as trusting towards people. Many people mistake kindness for weakness, once they do, they will take advantage of you. It does toughen you up, I can pretty much spot a dirtbag from jump street. Wouldn't have wasted so much time in College. Had a few good ideas for products that I should have pursued. Mentioned one to a friend. He's very rich today.

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