is it true NASA is to send humans over to mars, so humans won't be extinct, especially now that they have predicted in 2036 apophis is going to wipe out millions and create chaos all over the earth?

    NOW that they also found WATER and BACTERIA in MARS as well?

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    Propaganda. There is more than bacteria on mars and the moon, and they've known it sine they first went in to outer space. And also, if humans can't learn to co-exist here, then I hope we don't take our negativity with us outside of earth also.

    Extinction - No! Eternity with Jesus or eternity with evil is our choice.

    On the other hand, if you are interested in living forever, join the family of God. The Son God, Jesus offers eternal peace and joy for all who would reach out towards His extended hand.



    We all live forever. As particles of God we can never cease existing.


    right !.....

    First of all, a new 'end of the world day' happens every couple of decades so it is unlikely that we will be going there anytime time soon . But it is highly likely with our growing technology that one day we will be on mars.
    Hope this helps :)

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