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    I wouldn't go THAT far but there is a resemblance. ;)

    Well, from what I just saw on my TV screen, Obama and friends are doing ANOTHER number on a Mid-East country. Welcome to WAR #3


    You have a good point. If Libya wasn't a major oil supplier to Europe the world would just let them kill one another.(Darfur)
    I don't believe ANYONE wants to control ANYONE. Its all about keeping my GAS TANK FULL for under $20. :)


    The WORLDS gas tanks full. Oil is the life blood of this planet (except a dozen or so backward African Nations) and it needs to be stabilized. Kadoofy is a lunatic, always was. The only reason the world hasn't tried to oust him before is because they didn't want to rock the boat. After Tunisia and Egypt's citizens revolted, the world didn't need an oil producers people killing one another in a civil war. The war effects too many nations directly, not just in Libya.

    Once that loon is gone we'll ALL be better off. Oh, and I can get cheaper gas too. (big trip this summer):)


    see, thats exactly what i'm talking about, taking control over them :(, by saying wanting to help them


    so you agree with him, killing people just to keep your gas tank full?


    <a href="/users/1959/tsc/">@TSC</a>, Libya isn't a major oil supplier, it's about 2 percent of the worlds supply. But, I follow your plane of thought.


    I hope U have a good trip TSC.

    but then again, everyone has their issues, the world is been played by ignorant human beings, uh i feel so safe :(

    osama likes to wipe out americans
    obama likes to wipe middleeast

    osama does it and the whole world knows about it
    obama does it and the whole world is silent about it

    Headless Man

    "obama does it and the whole world is silent about it" Thats all I hear on the news........

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