is suicide and homosexuality a sin, if so why are thy legal? isnt murder a sin and its illegal

    , i just want to know.

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    What? are you gona put someone who killed themselves in jail?? Dumb example you set. & Its not a <cuss word removed by moderator> sin to be gay ok? Stop being so <cuss word removed by moderator> ignorant about lives that do not have anything to do with yours. This is the most ignorant question Ive heard & I am so SICK of people asking and saying that being gay is a sin. I think being so close minded and overly religious that it effects others opinion and making them feel bad about themselves should be illegal & a sin. & OBVIOUSLY murder is illegal. Go back to school. Compairing gays to murder is insulting to those who are gay on this site. Thanks.

    ed shank

    Don't hold back, tell it like it is.
    People who commit suicede are in pain and dispair and are not thinking clearly when they take theire own life.and I think God understands and does not pass judgement for he loves all of us. most people that are homosexual are born that way. So God has made them that way and loves them too.So what is illegal about that?

    Ann, Your answer should be the Best Answer

    Neither is legal in many areas of the world. In fact, homosexuality carries the death penalty in many places of the world. 14 US states have laws against immoral acts, but may be struck down with the 2003 Supreme court ruling against Texas' law.

    Were getting dangerously overpopulated so i don't think we should get carried away over gay people or
    Suicides need help not to get condemned.



    No, the question is, why is it legal? The "if so" is meant to carry you forward to the actual question. You would not have missed that of you weren't so busy playing the good Christian and running around damning people to hell.

    Do you know how many people populate the earth today? Trust me, heterosexuals are doing a great job at populating the earth. Too bad not all kids have families. To bad so many are looking to be adopted because some heteros breed like rabbits then can't take care of their young.



    I have a friend who's a lesbian. She and her WIFE have so far adopted 3 children from a straight woman who can't seem to stop populating this earth. No, with people like her around, we are in no danger of extinction by the few million gays existing in the world.


    The government has programs for population control

    homo is haram sinful god allah create man and women to full fill the world with kids so when you die there will be kids to take over when you die

    and killing ypur self is bad why god made you you dont kill your self becouse you got problems why god is teasting you with pachents onlay god can take your life not you


    Homo? Do you not know how to spell homosexual or were you too lazy to type out the word? It is simply religious guess work that calls homosexuality a sin. Until the creator ITSELF comes to earth and verbally tells all the people of this earth that homosexuality is indeed a sin, I will continue to live my life free of man's created myth that it's a sin.

    First off, who said suicide was legal? In some places it is counted as attempted murder if you survived.
    Second many biological environmental studies have shown that a number of out animal species have evolved with both male and female sex caricaturists due to the solvent pollution in the grounds and water. You can thank the industrial revolution and non of the pollution controls for that. In conclusion,It is not a sin of the individual but of a whole society who with its tolerance of greedy and sloppy recovery work, have set in motion the slow evolution of humans who carry malfunctioning sensitive DNA, In time may prove a strong survival attempted for the human species. Very many will suffer in silence. Keep drinking your bottled water.


    Many brands of bottled water have more pollutants than tap (faucet) water, so you won't escape stray hormones, herbicides, pesticides etc by drinking bottled.

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