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    Can anyone tell me what the light on my Honda dashboard marked "SRS" is for? I don't have a user's manual.

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    SRS is a warning light alerting you to a possible problem with your airbag. Check to make sure no wires have been pulled out of your steering column that may be connected to your airbag. Check out all your yellow connections and check the airbag fuse as well. It will cost apporx $90.00 to have Honda diagnose and fix for you so try and see if you can sort it out yourself first.

    LOL, while I was looking up the issue, Blue was beating me to the answer ;D

    Look in your owners manual but there were three different SRS units used in that car, KEIHIN SRS Unit, NEC SRS Unit, and SIEMENS SRS Unit. Diagnosis depends on which unit it is. The most likely possibility is the connector for the airbag is not on securely.

    The SRS, or supplemental restraint system, on your Honda Accord is responsible for deploying the airbag in the event of an accident. If this system is malfunctioning, the airbag may not deploy properly during an accident. However, the system does warn you of a system malfunction. The yellow "SRS" light on the dash will light up, indicating a problem with the system. Once you've fixed the problem, you need to know how to reset the SRS light on your Accord.

    Read more: How to Reset a Honda Accord SRS Light |

    There is a way to pull the codes from the SRS control unit without a scan tool.

    Turn the ignition switch OFF , and wait for ten seconds. Then connect the SCS service connector to the service check connector (2P). If you do not wait ten seconds, the SRS unit will not be completely reset and will not output DTCs.
    Turn the ignition switch ON (II). The SRS indicator light comes on for about six seconds and goes off. Then it will indicate the DTC:
    The DTC consists of a main code and a sub-code.
    Including the most recent problem, up to three different malfunctions can be indicated.
    In case of a continuous failure, the DTC will be indicated repeatedly.
    In case of an intermittent failure, the SRS indicator light will indicate the DTC one time, then it will stay on.
    If both a continuous and an intermittent failure occur, both DTCs will be indicated as continuous failures.
    In case the system is normal (no DTC), the SRS indicator light will stay on.
    Read the DTC.
    Turn the ignition switch OFF , and wait for ten seconds. Then disconnect the SCS service connector from the service check connector (2P).

    Ask a dealer.

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