if you have a friend whois really obese, what advice would you give them? when they know they hate this fact about themselves?

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    There is nothing wrong with fat, it's what's bad about the 20th century. In times past the world didn't worry one little bit about anyone's size. And women were voluptuous, unlike today's women, all skin & bone. I celebrate my size 16/18 frame.


    Pardon me. I gather we are talking about a lady or girl friend.
    I have been getting confused about who is saying what to who or about who. Ladies I find have difficulty with the Atkins diet. Weight watchers with the female group encouragement might be better. If her hips or knees are not bothering her try jogging a r a bit each day and do not let become a tele addict of cough potato. She will appreciate your personal interest in her welfare.


    do you think if i tell her that, she'll take it nicely?

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    If you really do your homework, you learn that much of our food is modified, industrialized, processed garbage. We eat sludge and obesity reaches epidemic proportions! No one is perfect, everyone is suceptible...and we all need a bit of compassion. Diets that reflect our pre-industrialized state, ie, paleo-diets, are amazingly effective at helping people regain health and natural weight loss without starvation. The Atkins diet is basically a paleo diet, but there are much better versions out there. What do you say to your friend? Well, I've spent most of my life obese. Recently my health demanded that I make these changes to my diet, quite apart from vanity. Vanity was never motivating enough! Tell your friend you are concerned about thier health. That you really care about them and want to support them any way you can. Offer to walk with them a few times a week. Go to lunch and eat salad and steak together. Compliment them when they make progress, and be reassuring when they fall. Do what friends do!
    Good Luck. Do your homework:


    thanks mtwylie :)
    i'll suggest these to my friend :D

    i mean i can't really say GO ON A DIET, or watch the program THE BIGGEST LOSERS
    neither can i tell them it's alright to be who they are and not what they look like and stuff, because they tell me that they care about how they look like and how others see them,


    what am i to do?

    double helix Sir,

    Actually I did read your question properly. My answer is still the same.
    My problem was similar to your friends only I was in a wheel chair and could not exercise..
    I have twice used the Atkins diet successfully in preparation for knee and hip replacement.
    Atkins lowers the cholesterol as well as the blood pressure, and raises the hemoglobin.
    It may be that you friend does need a gastric restriction. Either way spending a few months in preparation makes surgery less hazardous.

    You friend is going to have to grasp the nettle one way or the other. The longer it is put off the shorter the life span. If you are not the gentleman in question then I suggest you use as much tact and kindness toward him as you can muster.

    Oh and yes I am walking again without the need for stick or crutches.
    Oh and yes Hydrotherapy and swimming played a good part in recovery.

    I am quite sure that a consultant in your area would charge at least $200 for this advice so please take it seriously. Thank you and have a nice day.


    thank you bestway :)
    NIce advice, great really, but what if he can't afford it?
    how much is it anyway, the whole thing, how much did you pay?

    Try the Atkins diet. Steak, mushrooms, bacon, eggs, cheese, loads of fruit and salads and vegies, strawberries and cream a real mans diet! All the meat and fresh fish without batter you can eat.

    No bread, no pastry no sweets no sugar no chips no pies no rice no potatoes no bananas no citrus fruit.

    You need to study well to keep the carbs down to less than 20 a day.
    This shuts down the pancreas stops the flow of insulin and you fat cells empty through the bowels.
    You cannot over eat because without carbs you food tastes awful. But you do not loose muscle you loose fat. About a stone each month if you do it right. Do not stay on it longer than s months and have your bowels test for cancer every 3 months. Counting calories ofter ends in a binge. Counting carbs is easier.

    Seek to avoid surgery wherever possible. Get loads of exercise. Oh yes, watch biggest losers.

    Hope this helps.


    helps, in a kind of way , but read the question properly next time buddy ;P

    You must be really skinny because you think all people who are fat hate themselves for it. What they hate is skinny people making the obese people feel bad about themselves by their ignorant uncaring behavior in the name of friendship, love, or concern. I've known more than one person who was fat who ended up killing themselves because they were ashamed. They were not ashamed of being fat, they were ashamed when others kept telling them they were fat. In the end, yes they died of medical problems, but instead of enjoying themselves, they died angry and unhappy. Get over it and let them be happy. Be happy for them and don't keep reminding them of being fat. If they want your help, they'll ask for help. When they do, just listen and work together to help them. Don't push - lead.


    NORMAL as you just said, is everyone. Never exclude anyone for something that is obviously in your head.


    waiiitt,,,, i don't think every fat person hate themselves, neither do i make them feels so, on the contrary, i love them, but THEY feel bad about it, THEY talk to me about it, and sometimes i don't know what to answer back, that's why i'm getting help from here,


    by the way, i am skinny but it doesn't change anything


    not anorexic jusst normal


    sorryy :(
    i became biased again :(

    ole hipster

    Wonderful answer. Thumbs up!

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