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    Hmm.. well, play name the game. What is she trying to accomplish? You have to tell her in front of everyone what she's doing as sincerely as possible, and she should stop. By sincerely I mean sharp but not piercing. She is definitely abusive, which means she feels inflicted. Only those that are inflicted inflict others.. that's a good start.

    Very simple. Get a recording device, secretly tape record her antics, and then go to the principal with a copy, but not the original along with your parents. Then lodge a formal complaint in writing with your lawyer in court. Get her fired. Make sure she can never teach again. Maybe then that teacher will take her own life and leave every other child alone for all eternity.

    Ms Sinclair

    Don't sink to her level. Besides, I don't think that it will get you anywhere, except in trouble and you don't need that.

    People who like to bully others usually have self esteem issues of their own, whatever the reason. Having said that, have you ever asked to meet her privately to get at the root of why she chooses to pick on you in particular? You can tell her that you don't appreciate it and that it's really not helping you learn anything. Ask if there is anything you can do in class to improve the situation. Tell her that you are trying to do your best but you find her behavior intimidating and not conducive to a healthy learning environment. Ask her exactly what it is she wants from you. Don't expect a miracle but it's still worth a try.

    Drop out.
    Tell your parents you want to home school. It's all programming you don't need anyway.
    Sneek a note on to her desk telling her your going to get her fired if she doesn't cool her jets. Right it with your other hand so she doesn't recognise you.
    Tape her and play it back to her so she can see how see sounds?
    Hope you make it.

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