iran and saudia arabia police :(

    doesn't everyone here hate the saudia arabia and iran's government, seriously , few years ago iran hanged two sixteen year old boys for been gay (publicly) pictures on the internet with a rope around their necks, and they still do it today, isn't that way too harsh, not to mention all the honour killings of innocent girls in saudia arabia, it's so cruel , and to know you can't do anything is just more sad.

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    What we people here in this country overlook is a capitol crime in their country, old say goes something like IF IN ROME DO AS THE ROMANS DO I guess it sort of sucks to be gay in Iran We may not like it but its their country

    i have friends who told me that their relatives or family friends who stoned their daughter to death in front of the neighbours, civillians, family relatives filming it, and police watching as well doing nothing, in iraq, seriously i mean she's your damn daughter just because she was seen with a guy doesn't mean the end of the world,
    how culd they do such cruel things :( :( :(

    And people in our country think they have it rough.



    I see so as long as you're not killing us, we shouldn't be asking for equal rights under the law. How gracious of you.


    true that,, here gay people are just as equal as anybody, there, the death penalty without any questions or delays,

    papa peg

    I don't get Involved with none of that stuff.And i'm not the one killing anybody.

    See thats the evil of fundamental religion.Its not just Islam,christianity used to have the Inquisition.Catholics burn Protestants or Jews.Ok that was some time ago now but thats because government and society eroded the power of the church becoming secular societys in Europe.Don't doubt if the church still ruled the roost here we'd still be burning people.It seems where ever fundamental religion,in this case Islam,has a strong foothold then this is what happens.Saudi,Iran,Syrid,Afghanistan,Pakistan to name a few still execute gays.They also stone women who commit adultery,they actually limit the size of stone because a big one may kill the poor woman too quickly.And don't tell me the guys throwing the stones are just doing their solemn duty,they love it worked right up with bloodlust.Don't blame it on the culture,or even solely Islam.It's religion n when its fundamental it could be the moonies,its evil !!!!

    actualy its more than over 400 peole killed[hanged] in iran for been gay over the last few years.and george thats why we should protest.we need to stop killing each other!!!


    that's so cruel, and to know they were so young :(
    doesn't the world have any damn feelings

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