CLOSED: trying drugs

    THank you everyone for advising me not to try them, that was really helpful and informative, anyways
    that was a while ago, my friends started telling me the same stuff,telling me i'm risking getting addicted and dropping out of college if i get caught, i would love to try them though one day, and nah my friends are awesome so they do encourage and discourage me alot of times, well that's why their friends, anyway i never really considered being caught and kicked out of college, so yeah i' have to wait for a while now. :(

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    Please don't! Drugs can cause more to an individual than just addiction. Who knows, you might be one of the unlucky ones that end up with mental health problems. It is so sad that 45% of users will end up having some kind of phychosis or worse schizophrenia. There isn't a drug in the world that is safe to take, even prescriptive stuff too. So please think about it long & hard way before you even decide it's for you. My Sister has Lupus, a prescribed medication she is currently taking is causing her some horrible side effects, she doesn't have a choice. You do have a choice. Good luck


    actually, i asked my friend just an hour ago, told me he could get some for free, cuz of my first try and all. so i'm kind of still considering where and when to take them :)


    yeah, alot of people have told me that, but don't worry, i'm not a street kid, i can control my intake :) plus, i never said i was to use it always, it's only once in a lifetime, i am not to get ADDICTED, i have a life and i'm not about to destroy it, but it's nice to try something different, sometimes life can be so boring, so it's only once and small amount, :)

    ole hipster

    Hey doublehelix, have you "dropped" yet or are you all talk and no action!? Only kidding...I'm just concerned! (:

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    What are you nuts? LSD used only once can put you in a mental institution if you have a bad trip. Ask my cousin Eddie he's been in one since 1982. Get away from these people who are encouraging you to try drugs. Doppers eventually become dirtbags, They lie, steal from friends, family and anybody they can. If you want a total personality change for the worst, try it. Should you decide to remain normal don't do it. Tell your so called friends to F*** off.


    yeah that was a while ago, my friends started telling me the same stuff,telling me i'm risking getting addicted and dropping out of college if i get caught, i would love to try them though one day, and nah my friends are awesome so they do encourage and discourage me alot of times, well that's why their friends, anyway i never really considered being caught and kicked out of college, so yeah i' have to wait for a while now. :(

    Very bad idea, 10% of the population are addicts. They have a disease of addiction or alcoholism. Ask you Dr. if you do not believe me. What if you are one of the 10%? It sure would not be worth it them. DO NOT DO IT.


    but it seems so interesting to try some :(


    little won't hurt :(

    DH, If drugs are so "awesome", why are there so many lives screwed up by them? The cigarettes and alcohol are just gateway drugs that lead you to the stronger stuff so I'm glad you're not doing those. You can get all the info you want but the real question you should be asking yourself is why do them? Peer pressure isn't a good enough answer. I know the need to fit in and be accepted by your friends is huge right now in your life but if they only want to be your friends if you do drugs, you need to think about who you're hanging with. Sorry if I sound like a dad, but hey, I am one and that is the advice I give to my kids. Stay clean!


    I'm glad that you can recognize peer pressure because many people can't. Good for you! I'm speaking from experience when I say I've lost family and friends to drugs and there was nothing cool about it so sorry if my viewpoint is a little one-sided. Yeah life does offer some very cool shit but you might miss a lot of it if you get too close to "real death". Please be careful.



    "believe me, it's nothing like peer pressure"

    "i mean you gotta try the cool things"

    Who calls drugs cool? Your friends who are using them? I'd say you've fallen for peer pressure.


    I did it one ttime. It was horrible! I was so paranoid,i just wanted it to hurry up and wear off! It is a very dirty feelingand a painful hangover.I had a severe backache, muscle cramps and a terrible headache. peer pressure got me. i never ever want to even see that crap again!!


    believe me, it's nothing like peer pressure, it's my own decission, just ineterested to know what it feels like, i mean you gotta try the cool things that this life offers, who knows, maybe it will open up my insight more of this world that were all trying to understand and see where we fit in, cuz like they said, sometimes it get's you close to experiencing real death, :)


    sorry for youre loss, :(


    i won't get addicted, only try a tiny bit :)


    nope, my friends don't call them "cool" i do, actually some are against it like you guys, but cuz i've researched on them alot and i've always wanted to know what it feels like to have visions and hallucinations in reality , i'm kind of writing a paper on serial killers, and i need to know what it feels like to have them and also i've been thinking of trying them way before i had met my friends who did.


    anyone tried astral projection? you feel kind of like that :)



    Your talking about hallucinegens so i assume you'll be trying LSD.Take it with someone who's experienced and who you trust,also in a place,enviroment your comfortable with n you feel safe in.If you start getting anxious or nervous before taking it then don't take it and if you get that way after taking it then hang on n enjoy the ride.You won't become addicted to LSD but you'll find going to the next drug seems such a big deal.Once you start on the uppers - speed n the like you run into addiction issues,believe me i had the same experience as george thou was sitting on the toilet when my heart began to race out of control,i marched outside barefoot walking thru 2 foot of snow till i managed to get it under control,drugs start off great fun but they can take over n you dont see it for a long time.
    just take it easy


    An expert fool, How about some good advice, like don't do it, don't be a fool like me


    thanks for youre comment :)


    heheheeh, thanks for the advice expert fool :)

    lol, let's try the journey of drugs :)

    You ask us this dumb question.And then say you're going to do it.What if you end up in the Hospital or even worse DEAD.


    come on, it's only a little bit,


    don't scare me with death and stuff, i'm still young


    long enough, long enough :)

    papa peg

    Yea for how long

    Trying them for the experience is your own choice. But if you have to ask people on a forum then I wonder why you are trying them.. to fit in is the worst possible reason though. Just remember to always be careful, and if you do drugs then fear addiction stubbornly.

    Go for it! The world doesn't not need you anyway.




    NICE ADVICE :) thanks

    try smoking saliva ectract start at the lowest and work your way up. also try k2 "incense" just like pot but different cause its man made. salvia will make you trip. you sound like me. if you are then you will not want to trip after saliva and you wil resort to smoking k2 over pot for many reasons. you sound smart how old are you?


    yeah that's what my friend offered as well saliva..for "visions" and "hallucinations", but i don't know about k2 they tell me it's stronger, probably try saliva first then see what happens :)

    you are a fool for even thinking of it, your friends are fools, you need better friends.


    fine, call everyone who is alcoholic, chain-smoker, drug user , a FOOL,
    and your a great, smart human being?

    hahaha , true , okay let's get back to the original question, wish me good luck i'm about to make the stupidest decision in my life, haehe


    i'm gonna try the hallucination type of drugs :)

    the closest/best times i ever came to experiencing god was when i took LSD.. REMEMBER you will have a good trip if your headspace is good bad if otherwise , its as simple as that


    okays, thanks, glad to know someone understands :)
    it's gonna be just a tiny bit to understand for myself what it feels like,
    ah, now i can't wait :P


    yeah , true

    ole hipster

    Magic mushroom are OK in moderation. At least they are organic and not made from chemicals!

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