the courage to help a stranger

    Would you in REALITY have the courage to help some total stranger in a fight, where you think their RIGHT, no matter the consequences? i want the truth out here please, don't give me answers you can't live up to

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    A newer story was a few years back, I was on my way home from work and an old man who probably shouldn't have been driving, accidentally bumped the back of a motorcycle.

    Well the guy was yelling and screaming at this old man so I drove up and the guy looked like he was really about to beat up this old man. So I pulled up beside the two in my van and talked to the motorcyclist, he decided to get rude and loud with me and I just warned him in a nice calm voice how I was going to hurt him and send him to the hospital unless he got on his bike and rode away.

    He did talk under his breath a little on the way back to his bike, but he must have seen the look in my eye and knew that I was serious. The old man thanked me, and I went home, this was right down the street from my house near the grocery store. Anyhow I felt really good about the whole thing, when you help a stranger it makes you feel very good inside.

    Nice, way to go, man!

    I had a lot of martial arts training when I was younger, and I think it gives you a confidence that other people can sense or they can tell by the look in your eyes.

    I think that you should always come to someones aid, if you can, it's a very rewarding experience. In a fight there usually isn't a true winner. One or both people get hurt and sometimes (people go to jail or the hospital).

    It's best to stop or avoid a fight, and it feels great to be able to help someone else out... Thanks Schubee

    There you go. You learned the martial arts the right way. I am trained in martial arts too. It is about discipline and spirit, not to beat up someone.

    Great answer, that is so true, two of my best friends in high school were 7th degree black belts, and they would teach one thing at their dads school, but they would start fights all the time with mostly kids from other schools.

    I think it depends on the heart of the fighter or person, if you learn to defend yourself, hey that's why it's called self defense. My nephews have learned not to use their skills either, unless they absolutely have to, it's a great comfort to anyone to have good training, and especially to learn self control.

    by my own morality i would have to help, if i didnt i wouldnt be able to live with myself,--for evil to prosper it is enough that good men do nothing.something that i totally belive in

    Join in a fight between two guys certainly not. First, my first punch is a criminal assault, that's one year in jail away from your family lost of job, cost of legal fees wife and kids evicted. When I was young I would jump in any fight when needed not when my friend is kicking ass. Today I'm a lot wiser I would walk away from the fight but someone beating on some helpless person I would be the first to the rescue. consequences? For the young at heart out their a word of the wise one year in prison, away from your family will make you wish you could take it all back so chose wisely, the deed should match the consequences.

    I did it many times in high school, helped out a kid that was being bullied, especially if the fight was very unevenly matched.

    If one of my friends got into a fight there would usually be about three to twelve of us watching our friends back, if he wanted help all he had to do was ask or if one of the opposing team decided to jump in we would be on him in a split second.

    A funny story of how I met one of my best friends, he was in band class with me, a surfer kid just a freshman, but a really cool kid. Two redneck twins bullies and older, decided to corner him in the storage room. I saw that they were ganging up on him and went over and punched one in the stomach and knocked the wind out of him and his brother let go of my friend and said,"I don't have any problem with you man."

    I told them not to ever pick on this kid again, and they both gave their their word, I put a good scare into them. Anyhow this friend of mine now owns a mixed martial school and we are good friends, I went to his wedding last year. That was a different in the mid-eighties, you would probably get sued or shot the way things are now.

    Yes i would.

    You tell me, why did I join the Australian Army?

    Who in their right mind WOULD NOT help a stranger in distress? I could NEVER sit back and watch someone who needed my help and ignore them. NEVER EVER

    I would help the person

    Username hit the nail on the head it comes down to whether you can look yourself in the mirror later if you walked away.
    If its a one on one fair fight then no i wouldnt intervene whatever the rights and wrongs but if wasnt fair or it was several onto one then i'd step in.I have done several times in the past n not always come out of it unscathed but thats the choice you make

    Yes All Ways Help!!!
    Never sit on the Fence that's what Cowards do!!!
    Even if its just calling the police DO SOMETHING!!!

    If I clearly see black and white, yes I would especially if a female is involved with a male. If not, I won't.


    i've met loads of people who talk about fights nd stuff, but when it comes to it, the whole scene and everybody watching,(wallflowers) they shit their pants and back away. it's what i hate in people escpecially guys

    i mean if you have what it takes to stop and help, then why be a wallflower
    people these days just ignore and walk away, leave everything up to the person to handle just in case the offender might turn to them, theses days people are just so scared to take any action, fear stops them
    it's not like how you see in the movies anymore


    i guess reality sucks :(


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