judging a person

    how do you judge someone, by their looks first or their intelligence?

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    Well, I try not to "judge" anybody but most folks are attracted to someone first that they find pleasant to look at. However, intelligence would probably come next. After all you'll meet people in your lifetime that are great to look at and then they open their mouths and not much comes out, if you know what I mean.


    yeah , true

    i go for intelligence and personality, cuz looks without a good personality or intelligence is just you know, like a beautiful stone statue

    It is looks first b/c that is the 1st bit of information your senses pick up. If that is not top priority then looks won't have much influence on you and you can then check out their personality.

    I dont judge people anymore,i give everyone the benefit of the doubt till i get to know them n find out what kind of person they are


    thats' nice, i agree :)

    if they will match my eye gaze when iam talking to them is my starting point to judge [prefer saying trust [ them


    so if they don't look you in the eyes, you say you can't trust them?


    oh , cool :)


    no, what i said that it was a starting point in looking in your lovers eyes ,you can see all of whats going on.if someone doesnt or wont look me in the eyes then i know that thay dont want to have open and clear comunication with me .

    Looks first, that gets you past the 1rst hurdle. Gotta be pleasing to the eye. Then after some conversation you'll know if they possess some knowledge and whether they like the same things you like. Then after you've known them awhile and see how they treat you then you can get some idea of their personality. But by then it usually too late cause you've already let them know where you live and your phone number, where you work and who your other friends are. So if it's not all that important go with George Buckleys post. If you really want to know the person engage them as a friend and find out who they are.


    i go with username, eyes are the windows to the soul, something like that, cuz the eyes really tell you nearly everything

    well if its a relationship it's personility first but if not its definatly intelligance or hoew they respond to something

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