if you were to escape

    if you were to escape somewhere, anywhere in the world where you can afford to reach, where would you go?

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    where would someone go if they wanted to disappear from their normal ongoing life, sometimes i have these wild ideas of going overseas on a one way ticket without telling my parents, burn my passport and visa in that country and my existence would be gone forever. then my parents would just think i'm dead.
    but i just can't have the courage to do that.

    yeah, venezuela is cool

    If i had the money.I would go on the space shuttle.When they start their shuttle trips.

    Venezuela, they have the awesomest beaches, inexpensive cost of living and the most gorgeous woman in the world.

    Somewhere hot, where the drinks are free and the company's great
    A bit like this website!). Sorry for the rubbish answer!

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