what's so good about life

    what's so good about life. what makes a human want to live longer, what makes a human want to live tomorrow?

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    Being here now is a happy adventure. Trapped in hell is the way some feel about life via your own thinking got you to where you did it to yourself. Isn't that a Happy thought! Since you did it to yourself the opportunity is to get yourself out of the hell you made of your own thinking. You might start with "I don't know what anything means." Stay with that for a while consider that phrase often. Yes, that is the first step in brain washing and considering what you have done to yourself you might see that perhaps you need a little scrub between the ears.


    i like the way you think of it :]

    Life is what you make it. You can decide to get up in the morning and be miserable, watch the news and reaffirm how miserable it is... or you can get up early enough to see the sun rising,hear the birds singing in celebration of a new day and decide this is going to be a good day. There are days that I just feel dark but inside I know that it is one day that will pass and a new morning awaits. Fortunately I have great health and suffer with nothing, so I hope this answer isn't irritating to those that do.I just hope for everyone with or without ailments that you have enough light in you to still see glimmers of what is good and beautiful in the world.Even this sight is proof that there is beautiful people everywhere that care enough to want to put time and love into this world.Thank You for all the caring answers and the time you took to put them down. There is much light on this sight!

    I know what you mean. Some days you can wake up feeling down upset like there is not much point in 'life' but there really is, it is what you make of it. Dont judge or upset anyone as it is only downing you life with greif worrieing abou other peoples life. Life is beautiful, Enjoy it !

    1. Life itself

    2. without it, you (i) would not be

    3. The balance Good/bad

    4. The feelings Good/sad

    5. Better to be positive than negative, the first will uplift you (others), the latter will fester

    6. Enjoy your ride (no price to come in, no price to come off)

    7. Live simple

    Somedays I do not know that myself.

    EVERYDAY !!!!

    In the big scheme of things, there is very little good about this temporal life. The main reason we are quarantined on this planet for a while, is so we can be restored to our original state we had with God through the resurrection plan from Jesus. Once that is accomplished, we are then to try to bring others to this same eternal awareness.

    you think so ,


    Beats the hell out of the alternative.

    There may be nothing great about life, but most people want to live because they fear the unknown. Humans are aware that their lives are finite because we have higher brain functions. With this knowledge comes angst, fear, and a multitude of other stressful emotions. So, people will do almost anything or make any deal to extend their lives a little longer and avoid the unknown. This is also the reason that religions are so popular.

    the good part about life is the lessons you learn.. so if you learn nothing, then life is not meaningful.. there is learning in experiences.. the trick is to find something you love to do. Everyone needs to have some kind of inner compass..


    just like the old saying goes 'the only way to learn from a mistake is to fix that mistake, if you don't fix it, your just creating another mistake' i love this quote :]

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