he's going to be a doctor

    why is it that every parent wishes for their child to be a doctor?

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    I think medical doctors are supposed to be the most highly regarded profession by people.
    So it would make sense that a parent would want his child to:
    a. Allow him to brag to his friends how successful his daughter is.
    b. Give his daughter a key to enter higher social classes

    My family has a lot of MDs in it. I can tell you that their life sucks BIG TIME, doing shifts, dealing with miserable people etc.
    But I also need to mention that some of them just love the profession just as well.

    Volcane is right.
    First of all, parents are worried about their kids subsistence, so they want their offspring to get a well-paid job. Doctors are likely to reach a high living standard, materially speaking.

    Then, there is the medical profession as a status symbol. Doctors are thought of as privileged, well-reputed citizens and "clean", honorable members of society. They tend to end up in the better circles of society, similar to lawyers or economists.

    Also, the admiration people feel for a doctor because he is able to heal people is a factor. Like ancient preasts or shamans, modern doctors are surrounded by that "only you have the power to help me" - aura. That's another reason why people look up to them.


    Doctors somehow have that image of

    It's a dream planted in the heads of everyone starting from school level. Security, money..

    I went out with a lady doctor last year for a few months she turned out to be a right bitch.

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