what makes a human happy

    what makes a human happy, or rather , what is happiness?

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    God's Love, Wife's love, Family's love, Friend's love and loyalty
    Peacefulness of heart that only your savior (Jesus Christ) can provide.

    I was just thinking inner peace, through Jesus Christ and saw your answer...t.u.
    Headless Man

    I'm reading your

    It is all about the choices one makes.

    Happiness to me is waking up each morning. It is seeing my wonderful dog wag her tail when I say "Good morning girl did you have a nice sleep?" It is having my adult children put their arms around me and say " I love you dad" It is having a grand child run into my arms " Grandad" It is getting a telephone call from one of my children "Just touching base to see you are OK. It is taking my aforementioned dog to a Aged Care Facility each week and seeing the joy she spreads. I could go on forever because I am happy. I don`t have money or a flash car or a big house those things are not happiness and those that think they are are deluding themselves


    great points PL :)

    Old John Deeres that need a little help. When I get one fired up thats been setting for years and years, puts a little smile on my face. The last one I bought was sitting for 45 years in a shed, the man I bought it from would turn it over every now and then to make sure it wouldn't freeze up, took me a better part of a day but shes purrs like a kitten now its a 1937 John Deere B.

    First of all you're born with a certain amount of happiness level which can fluctuate but in the long run remains the same (unless something really bad happens, like losing a spouse).

    Still, to improve your happiness I suggest:
    1. Completely dismantle your Ego
    2. Don't be material - don't depend on money to be happy, most of the best things in life are either free or really don't require a lot of money. A new car will make you happy for a week after that you'll want a bigger/faster one. It just never ends.

    Raider_retired 3_29_

    Love. security, your heath and having someone special relations.

    Happiness is different for each person.
    What makes a human happy? HE does.
    He DECIDES to be happy, no matter what.


    Right on the knocker!

    As the old saying goes: "Whatever turns you on!"

    One of the Rolling Stones said happiness was doing things you like to do

    I think openning up your heart to God and asking him with all honesty to show you happiness. It is truly all around you, something in you has allowed you to hide your happiness. Believe one thing the devil comes to kill, still, and destroy once the devil rip away your happiness other things follow then who will you become? all that is a trick of the devil then you give up the devil wins. HAPPINESS IS INNER PEACE WITH ONES SELF.

    it depends on their taste!but the most rewarding one for humans is love!


    Yeah, but love can turn to misery.
    the ability to express ones heart
    Good health, great wife, fast car.

    That's true as long as she doesn't smash up your car!!

    you could be the president of america, yet when you sleep, ther'd always be something missing.

    i don't know, even though you say that, i just see humans as sad beings, they are always sad, always not satisfied, always missing something that's not there, no matter how much they smile and laugh during the day.

    i still don't understand the concept of it, no matter how much money you have, beautiful kids, a good job, great friends, i still think life is sad


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