why do we have to die?

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    Our Planet is in constant renual mode.,WE have to die to make room for new humans to be born. It is the same for all species and plant live on our planet.

    Someone needs to push up the daisy's.

    That's just life, the one thing that we do not know for sure of  is, where the Hell, (pardon the pun)

     we actually end up, uh, I know we end in a coffin, or a urn, if were lucky.

    and when I hear about people talking about, ' well, have you been saved ,  or I have been saved stuff,  well,  I think that when you die, you are saved from this f***** up world we call LIFE.   




    if nobody died then obviously the world would eventually become a very crowded place to be. I think nature seems to take care of eveything, and if people weren't born and then die the planet would become a very stale place.  We need new ideas etc to move forward - nature sees to it - perhaps God is nature?

    to make room for more people. And everything that is alive , eventually dies. But when it does, it becomes something ever so more beautiful

    My father died this morning. I wonder if he asked the Lord that question this when he got up today. I will miss him terribly.


    RIP, your Dear Dad. Sorry for your loss. I know how it feels.

    My condolances,ed,shank,

    Ed i know how you feel I have been through the same thing with both parents. So sorry for the loss of your father.
    ed shank

    Thanx guys. Very sweet of all of you.

    Out with the old, in with the new-- That's the cold hard facts-- Population control, how would we all live and where would we live if humans never die and make way for the new??  Sorry and sad but facts.

    You can believe in the afterlife, it makes some people comfortable and lessens the natural fear of death but your physical being must turn to dust.  On a lighter note, while here, make something of yourself that your name and accomplishments will be remembered forever. Theres only so much room for great people, you gotta push your way to success and remembrance. 

    So we have a reason to large,laugh plenty and love fully. Could you imagine if we knew we would live for ever? I would think for some the zest of life would become a little dull. Maybe not for some but for me I know life is too short to waste wishing and worrying over petty things.

    I beg to differ on your answer to the fact that we don't know where we will spend our eternity. GOD gives us the knowledge and sense to know where we will spend our eternity after death. I know that if I died today, I will go to heaven. I haven't always felt that way, but as a Christian, I have the reassurnace of knowing that the LORD has prepared for a me a place after this life is over. I must believe that and do. Being saved is more than just escaping our earthly life and entering into our physical death, but in fact we are immortal creatures that have spirits that will live on and on. Where that be is up to us. GOD gives us the choice of where we want to spend our eternity once our lives here on earth are over. Being saved is a choice.  I appreciate the fact that the LORD gives us the choice of heaven or hell and when it's all said and done, ultimately it was up to you and I where we wanted to go...



    This is our physical life, life on earth. when death comes, then we are in the spirit world, But I have yet to meet anyone that has been there and know's 4 sure.

    the only thing you can be sure of is when you are born you will die on a lighter subject enjoy life and be happy and always thank God for what we have and had

    Every thing in life has a reason, Your ups and dowens and so do nature.

    It is assigned to each and every being the opportunity to die, that is unless the LORD return before we die. There is a spiritual death for those who choose not to live by the LORD, GOD after we leave this earth. The LORD will be returning no matter what anyone may say or believe. It is the choice of each and every  individual where they choose to spend their spiritual lives or deaths when their life here on earth is over.

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