I have alot of pain in both my feet and legs. I feel like i'm exausted all the time. I do not have chest pain or discomfortment anywhere else but my feet and legs.

    my legs swell during the day and go down at night.

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    pernicious anemia comes to mind, that is the body cannot absorb vitaminB12, injections are necessary instead (doesnt matter what you eat, your system cant absorb B12) a couple of blood tests will soon diagnose this, another thought is perepheral neuropathy, (sorry cant find spell check) a neurologist can do nerve conduction studies and medication will alleviate the pain, is it worse at night ? it could also be restless legs syndrome that can be quite painful also.

    Strongly suggest you see a physician.  Foot and leg pain can be caused by a back problem.

    However, feeling exhausted can be a lot of things.  Cardiac problems come to my mind first.

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