I have a male admirer of 23, I am a 33 year old female, should I pursue something with him or is the age gap too great???

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    I don't think it's too big of a other half is ten years my junior and we've been together 15 years and I'm female. But then again I'm 61 and he's 51 and I've noticed that as you get older a ten year difference doesn't seem to make much difference.

    I said the same thing
    hell no thats nothing the age diffferance,maybe if you were 13 and he was 23 it be a bit differant,plus its illeagle,your both adults, its the new "norm' nowadays, if it was the other way around him being 10 years older than you he'd be considered a "stud" so consider yourself a "studette" and go for it!
    Who's paying for dinner?
    What the hell dip your toes in the saying that , give it a try. Either you might like the younger energy or realize that you are in two different worlds. Can't hurt to never know.

    That sounds like a good idea-thanks
    My sister married a guy who is fourteen years younger than her. And, they are still together after fifteen years of marriage.
    oh yes, wonderful age gap. you are both at sexual peak ages. you are ... a cougar. : - D
    In my opinion it is about how you feel. Is he an object of affection and sexual pleasure, and/or do you feel he is mature and stable enough to handle a relationship with a older woman. If so, go for it, if not, than move on.
    Bad Idea,men mature at different rates then women the majority of the time,even though they hate to admit it,If your looking for fun and laughs maybe,but If you are looking for a real relationship the odds are against you,I tried dating a younger man before I remarried and It was the worst mistake of my life.Whatever you choose good luck to you.:)
    A friend of mine is married to a man who is 11 years younger than she is. It is working jolly good - they are a happy couple and have two wonderful kids.

    If you like the guy, give it a try! (hey, I rhymed!!!)

    Best wishes,
    it is a fact that men die sooner than women and leave them a widow to start over again, sometimes older women make better wives if the man is mature and accepts responsability. It is up to you and noone else, if you like him, go for it.
    Problem is what happens when you are getting more serious? How do you take it to the next level? I think there is a possibility that it may work, but it would mostly be a sexual relationship without the potential to grow much past that.

    It does happen, just a lot less likely to happen. I think many people miss out on the right person, while being with the wrong person, just for convenience.
    Years tell you nothing about a person.. The persons chioces and the life they have lived define them... I got married at 18 had a child at 19 and custom built our own home at 20.. We have been married for 17 yrs... I grew up hard and fast... My husband was a love dotted upon guy from a great family.. Both of our backgrounds help create strong secure young adults... You know this guy.. can he handle a serious relationship?
    If your just looking for fun & do not have kids or anything better to do & don't mind aging while you may miss out on the right one, Go Ahead. A 23 year old man is still a boy (I have one) at least most are. You'd be better served with someone closer to your age or a bit older if you want someone worth keeping for the long haul.
    if he's younger i wouldn't go for it cause his maturity is different to yours and he's probably looking for more fun stuff
    Give it a shot, I'm 19 yrs. older than my other half, it's been 16yrs and counting
    pray to God and waite on his answer, to me age dos not matter.
    Get away from that guy as fast as possible!
    im 58 call me we will talk and see how that works out

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