I am dent on destroying myself, I have bipolar one.

    And with this wonderful desease and have no resources to get help, oh yes there are plenty of therapist but I can't do $400 a session.  The sad truth is that I'm depended on over counter meds, Gravel its 50 mgn and I take as much as 30 or more per day.  Gravel is used for motion sickness and I do it because I'm terrible ill.


    I'm almost at the point where I don't give a damn if I make it tomorrow.  I'm not even sure if you get this kind of messages however I can't say I didn't try.


    Kind Regards


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    You can seek mental health counseling that doesn't cost you $400 a session, subsidized help according to what you can afford to pay. I don't believe that you haven't investigated this. Most people who are really sick will speak to a regular MD and find out this information. It's not a secret.

    If you can afford to buy OTC motion sickness pills you can afford to pay somone $50 a session. Try harder and get someone to listen to your problems and get yourself some help.

    "Most importantly (Giving-up) is not an option!"

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