my son has shesofernia didease and now is 31 yrs old. he always think all people are looking at him. he think he has sent by God as a prophet to guide people. he always is in a un natural dreams.

    what can i do to help him?can he got his safe again?

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    another Doctor advised and gave him a lot of peals but these are not good and have not made any changes in him . how do you think?

    Sounds like Schizophrenic to me,medication given every month by injection can keep him from having these thoughts.


    Yes, Pl. It took me awhile. : ) It's been a long time since i've taken any psychology classes. : )

    thank you so much for your answer. but I have to add that he is young and very strong , how can i satisfy him to have injection?


    if you talk to your doctor, you may get a satisfactory answer. he may need an escort to the place where the injection is given. (i do not know the laws about these things.)
    good luck. it sounds difficult.
    You said the doctor gave him "peals" what are peals?

    Pills are not as effective as the injection,maybe do what itsmee has suggested and have a escort.Here in Australia we have a community nurse that comes to the home and gives the injection.Talk to a mental health worker and tell them of your concerns.

    when he had every month injection ,he felt a pain in all his bones and afterward he did not accept to have an injection again .


    He must have injection to make him feel and act better,if he dont have the medication he will think and talk strange things that are not true.Best to have the needle and keep him stable.

    Schizophrenics who are a danger to themselves or society can (in most countries) be detained in a secure institution to receive treatment whether they agree or not. Have you investigated this?

    I sympathise with you and your son, a doctor is the only one to help you both so I would suggest a long frank discussion with the medico concerned in your sons` treatment to discuss all the options. Good luck

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