Love from the past

    Do u think it possible to love someone from your past and have not seen them for 30 years?

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    Janie Taylor

    Yes I really do because I still love my ex b.f and after 12 years of not being together and still seeing him since we are from the same place and same church it is hard ...but I have never stopped loving him and tried to move on and was even going to marry someone else but I never stopped loving this other guy ...So yes I believe you can still love someone after that long and NOT JUST in your MIND ....It actually gets more and more everyday for me .....

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    If you can except who they have become.. then of course. IF you don't know who they have become you are most likely in love with a memory.

    Did you love them 30 yrs. ago? Do you love them now?

    My first love Joann. Been 42 years still love her. DONALD TAYLOR


    Lovely... I am assuming that is your wife.

    Yes, you can always love someone from the past b/c of what they ment to you back then. But, I agree you can't be in love with them still because you both are different people now. However, given time it is possible to fall in love with them again but not real likely.

    In your mind maybe ,but truthfully they and yourself have probably changed and moved on since then

    I agree that the biggest problem would be assuming that the person was the same person. Possibly so , but people can change dramatically over the years. I would approach it just like a new relationship, date, date some more, inquire about the past and look for red flags. Jumping into it, relying on your emotions from the past would be a mistake.

    Yes but they may not feel the same. Matters of the heart are strange and complicated and are unique to each individual. I am speking for myself when I say yes, I made a horrible mistake 45 years ago and only hope that someday she will forgive me and I can make it right.

    yes i went 33 years and now we are together and very happy , It has been about six years now

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