What thoughts are passing through your mind right now?

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    I have been thinking and wondering to myself where all the good questions have gone? The life questions that when you answer you feel like you are really helping someone out.At times I wonder if most are posted by kids looking for someone else to do their homework. Missing the way things were for the most part.
    Is everyone asking these questions morons or not?

    I'm very interested in what other people are thinking about.
    That this site sure ain't what it used to be! Hi Randy Palmer, where did everyone go? I guess I'm not the only one losing interest! Take care

    I'm with you 100% Ole Hipster. I'm not sure if it's because of the new layout or what but the questions being asked and the answers given are just plain ... do I dare say it ... kind of boring :S
    ole hipster

    Yeah...I too amy fast losing interest....They probably should have left well enough alone when they changed the site...I prefer the old way best but then again I'm old too!

    It used to be a nice little break from work but now it's just becoming frustrating. Too bad, there are a lot of great people on here that don't seem to be contributing as much as they used tor anymore. **Crossing my fingers in hopes it gets better.

    I'm new here...what did it used to be like?
    well after i saw that question i was thinking what the heck? so there's what is still going though my mind right now

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