Can a woman be a better President

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    just ask hillary clinton, she ran bills presidency... all kidding aside good chance maybe,man or woman don't matter the gender .whats important is her leader ship qualities
    Yes, I would like to see a woman become President. When Hillary
    Clinton ran and lost to Obama, President Clinton said He has
    never seen anybody beeing treated so badly as Hillary was.
    It is still a male-orientd society in this counrty and we need to
    change that. Other countries are way ahead of us in that respect.
    Good Example: Angela Merkel of Germany, Margaet Thatcher of UK., Golda Mayr of Israel.

    I'm glad you didn't add Julia Gillard,Australia.
    I'm surprised no one else has left a comment like this:

    Any woman could do a better job the the guy that's in there now!

    I don't know about God putting a man in charge....but it definitely would depend on the female who was running for President.
    Sure, look at all of the fine female Governors serving today. There is no question in my mind that had we elected Hillery the county would not be in the terrible shape it is today.

    Look how Maagret Thacher turned around the economy of the UK buy cutting tax rates 40% as did Reagan in the US in their day.
    No problem a woman being a president of this country. "Better president"?, No. You can not say one sex would do better or the other. It's the quality of the individual, whether or not it's he/she, who should be examined.

    Yeah well Imma saying better!! Woot, go women!!! LOL
    Maybe in small stable Country, but not here in USA, USA needs somebody strong and not make important decisions with emotions.

    Thought you are a bit of a neandethol yours is the only honest answer here.

    A strong woman with a strong mind to achieve, women are CEO's of large companies, they don't seem to actually fare better than a male CEO but the fact is that they are the same. It's about ability, experience, fortitude, instinct and desire to succeed. Also, some compassion but not mixed with flower children mentality.

    Women can make great presidents, I am ready for a gender change at the whitehouse, but please , I don't want Sarah-- And I am a conservative.
    We are all so intent on being politically correct that few of us are willing to be honest. I don't know what it will take for a woman to be president, I do know that men have been hard wired to believe he is superior to anything on earth, case in point if god has all the answers why didn't he send a daughter? Men are not superior, women are not superior, god does not exist so he's no help, so I don't know who's in charge, it certainly ain't obama, Money is in charge I guess, The one thing about money is that no one controls it it just is, so the person with the most of it is probably in charge, because with money comes power and we've seen what power can do to even good people. Am I full of shit, most likely
    I believe a woman can be a better president, but, is the country ready for the first woman as the president. For instance, take a look at the first black president, change has not been taken so well.

    How is that "change" working for you?

    @xpert - I don't have a problem with the change, it alright with me.
    Hell YES..
    She could be she may be all she got to do throw her hat in the ring ,jump in with both feet find out come election day but 1st she who ever has to run for president


    Yes they can if they try hard enough. Women and men are equal so women can do anything better than men and men can do anything better than women, but they have to do their very best.
    God create woman out of Adam rib and they should act equally unto God it sayith. So what's the joke about man in charge. By the way, I am a man who views women equally to men except when a man's penis gets in the way and woman are superior.
    I believe there should be an equal opportunity for both sexes to participate in democracy as long as the runner(s) for president have the necessary skills. Come on folks it is time for all of us to change our thinking in this country. We have already seen in numerous past decades and locations where women have ruled as effectively as men.
    I don't think it makes any difference as to which sex is in power. They turn out just the same as the males. We have a female Prime Minister here in Australia, she's a real dictator and a liar.

    Women would make better presidents, all over the world, because women are not so quick to go to war and witness so many sons and others be killed.  As another commenter said, "It depends on the woman."  Some of the statements I have heard some of the women candidates make of the last few years, scares me.  Too immature.  But the right woman, say like Congresswoman Jackie Spiers, would be an excellent president.  She is brilliant, dedicated and educated. And she hears the people.

    Couldn't hurt I think if the right woman was elected. Think I will run for President anyone want to vote for me?
    A woman could not do any worse than what we have!
    moist definately
    a woman is a person as far as the presidency goes man woman what does it matter a penis does not qualify you. LILLLEBIT GOD only put man as the head of his faimly to love and provide and even die for his family-stormie-

    a woman is a person as far as the presidency goes man woman what does it matter a penis does not qualify you. LILLLEBIT GOD only put man as the head of his faimly to love and provide and even die for his family-stormie-

    Can't be any worse, however God put man in charge.

    Says who, some stupid book. In charge of what.

    In charge of what?Take another look.

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