how to get rid of hate towards someone

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    blessed lady

    forgive them...

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    Hating someone is more destructive to you then them. Forgiveness on the other hand does not mean you have to be a doormat for that person, it just means you forgive them in your heart let it go and let God, forgiveness helps us more than them most of the time and it does not mean to keep hanging around that person to keep doing you badly just chose to let go and let God and move on.


    Good answer, T.U.

    God. Pray to God to give you a new heart through Jesus Christ. Believe and be regenerated!

    simple answer is meditate. you have already begun the process by inviting divine love in to your heart. The idea of not hating anymore is a good idea, let it blossom. Much love =]

    Hating will make you ill, try loving them. Look for their good qualities, walk in their shoes for a day, be nice and do something good for them. You might be surprised what they are all about and find a good friend.

    Here was my thing... I dont know if it will work for you... first I accepted how my life is better for having them in it,( every scare was a lesson). Them I tryed to look at them as if they were the person losing out on so many wonderful things in life because of who or what they had become. (pity is better than hatred)

    Hate like jealousy can turn into a disease that nobody needs to live with

    Well I try to look at it from the outside. Would you want to be them? Why not? Why do you hate them? Cos they are nasty? Cos they do nasty things?
    As Jenn so rightly says you can then feel sorry for someone who has to live like that. Be glad you don't have their nasty qualities. Hatred is a very strong feeling whch will tire you out. Remember if you have such a strong emotion it is more useful to use the energy on something positive rather than wasting it on something which gives you nothing in return

    The reason you hate someone is ,either you are afraid of him or you give him importance and seek love from him.Find the answer within.

    First Never use the word Hate! There is Karma and it will come back at you.Just look past and let it all go.I know that this is easier said, then done.I have been there and i have learned to just let it go and move on with your life.It is taking up a lot of your energy! Life is short.........

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