windows sills and dpc

    what is the dpc for below a window sill? and if it is ripped how do you fix it

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    D.P.C stands for Damp Proof Course, this is a strip of waterproof material which may be plastic or tar impregnated roofing felt that is placed,in this case, below the window frame in order to prevent moisture from contacting,and therefore rotting ,the timber of the window frame.
    If it is damaged use a suitable tool to chop out the old mortar that is below the frame an remove it,then place a new section in it's place,jam the new piece up to the bottom of the frame using something waterproof (in the trade we usually use pieces of slate ) and then replace the mortar that you originally removed with new.

    what is a dpc.

    the dpc is damage under the sill but i cant remove it

    damp proof coat

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