did you ever cheat on a test ?

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    I cheated on a urine test...

    NopE Not where i come from, my teachers knew every trick there was. Although when I was in 7th grade, we had a math test, pretty simple, I had no idea how to answer the questions but i found a way to answer without going through the lengthy calculations, somehow I was able to find a simpler route to the answer. I was the fist one to turn in my papers, the teacher told me to stay after class, she then gave me a math problem - I did it in about 10 seconds.. she looked and said my answer was correct but I didn't solve it as i was supposed to.. She asked me to explain how i was able to answer the problem so quickly, I showed her. (i thought I was doing it the right way) she was amused and said although i didn't do it correctly, she gave me an "a" on the test for creativity and as she said "teaching her a new trick in math'..


    i stayed up all night studing for my last drug test

    it is not cheating,unless you get caught...........maybe that is why i am sooooooooooo dumb........

    I cheated on several math exams in high school, never got caught. But, later on in life it became a learning experience. Cheating was the easy way, and I was encouraged to earn what you learn!!!

    I did in Jr. High, but never after that. A good friend of mine would constantly cheat, and I think still does to this day (in university) she was always known as the "smart girl" yet in 90% of her tests she would take a cheat sheet in with her, it was insanely tiny and she must have spent over an hour trying to write in ridiculously small writing so the paper wasn't noticeable.

    Yeh. before calculators were allowed into exams I used my calculator watch... it did the trick

    I dont think I did any of my math work.... the teacher sat me next to the smart guy and I openly cheated off his paper.

    I had a stiff kneck that day Jenn... it would have been too obvious for me to copy from the guy next to me..LOL


    Oh no.... the teacher knew i was cheating that is why he put me next to him. It saved him from having to teach me. and guys were more than willing to have me all up on them in HS.. Boys were easy... math was hard.

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