how do you file for power of attorney

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    Contact a lawyer.

    You can not file for power of attorney. One must grant the right to you.


    A power of attorney is a legal document used to give your decision making authority to another person. A power of attorney can give another person the ability to make decisions regarding property, financial matters and legal decisions. A separate document is required for medical decisions. You decide how much power the agent gets, and what types of decisions they are authorized to make.


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    How to File for Power of Attorney
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    Choose your agent. You should choose someone that you trust, such as a family member, close friend or some other trusted person. It is important to choose a good and honest person, as the power of attorney grants them broad powers to make decisions on your behalf.
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    Draft the document. You can do this yourself, or you can contact an attorney. This is an important legal document so it is important to take your time and remember all important details. You should should include what powers should be delegated, the responsibilities of the agent, and who the agent is. An attorney can help you make those decisions, and draft the document so that it conforms with the law.
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    Sign and notarize the power of attorney. The documents must be signed and a notary must be present. This insures that the documents were signed voluntarily and that you in fact signed them. You will likely be asked to provide identification at this time.
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    Make copies. You are only required to have one copy, but many people may require a copy before your agent can act on your behalf. You should have copies for your banks and other accounts, and extra copies for anyone else with whom you do business.
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    File the document with the court. Some states require that the power of attorney be filed, while others do not. Most states require that the documents be filed with the clerk of court if the agent is authorized to conduct real estate transactions on your behalf. Filing the document with the court also allows you to get certified copies should you need those to satisfy the requirements of your banks or creditors.

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