whats more "interesting" the question or the answers?

    lots of great, funny as well as stupid questions, which in turn you get lots of great ,funny and stupid answers. which do find more "interesting the "q" or the "a'

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    I believe, both. Without the question it would not be a call for an answer. Every question requires an answer of some sort. That's the reason we all come to this site, either to ask questions, answers a question, or both.

    The question and the answer's they both can be equally compelling
    reading people's answer's and what they think about are sometime a lot more interesting than the question's

    Thank you for the Thumb ups
    both, equally

    I suppose if you don't know the answer to the question asked, the answer would be more interesting but if your asking the question and you know the answer, then the question is more interesting in that you'd like to know if the person/s know the answer.... but if someone else is asking the question...
    ..Mmmm... er.... what was the question????


    double thumb up for this answer. why don't we see you around more?
    Answers. Interesting to see how many try to read something that isn't between the lines.
    For the most parts the answers, that seems to be the consensus here. There are a small amount of very interesting questions though many of them seem to be answered by one simple response.

    We sometimes have fun making comments on questions that no one make heads or tails of. So I think I get most of my entertainment from the funny answers.
    The answers. It's interesting to see what and how people think. What's in your head comes out through your mouth, in this case, through your fingers. Love this site!

    it is a lot of fun here, better than two for one day at ace hardware..
    Love the answers.....there is about 3 members on this site that could have became phsycologists,very intelligent and very informative answers.As for the other members,a lot of them are very good too.But i look out for my favourites.And they never fail to deliver.
    The anwers. There are many interesting Questions also, but many I cannot or will not answer.

    The anwsers are more interesting cuz Many answers for each question.


    I agree.

    Many people believer their is only one real answer for every question - theirs! I look at it this way, if I knew it all, I would be the God people are worshipping too. Once in a while, someone writes something I can get my teeth into and really appreciate. It is those answers that I look for. So while many of the questions are interesting, the way people answer, argue, and discuss the issues are even more interesting to me, the most interesting answers are which I had not seen coming, but that really makes a statement that makes a difference in how I look at either lots of things, or a specific question.

    i would say normally the answers.because most of the questions make me aware of how dumb i my dad allways said"you learn more by listening than talking"

    They both entertain me.... I like the questions that provoke me into answering....


    Are you easily provoked?
    I must go to bed now, its late, (0120 hours GMT+2) Good Night.

    They are married; they are a pair.  The other generates the other and vise versa the other generates the other.   And the many and profuse simply for munipulating points.  LOL  ;)

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