money!! are we all obsessed with it?

    they say money don't buy happiness try telling that to someone whos homeless and broke!

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    Headless Man

    Money can buy comfort but not happiness.

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    I think they mean it can't buy true happiness. You could have all the money in the world but without loved ones and inner peace I don't think anyone would be truly happy.

    everyone wants to be comfortable I think if you have a roof over your head and food to buy you are rich as there are some people out there dont hav a pot to pi** in, they are the unfortunates as Daren1 said I think we are possesion mad (money)cars -objects
    Money is freedom. Money is comfort. Money allows you to be independent. Money can be a curse as well, others less fortunate will resent you for it. Some will hate you for not sharing it. Obsessing over it will make you ill, mentally and physically.

    I saw the results of a study at Cambridge University, where 96% of subjects were willing to push a button and shock a stranger they viewed on a video screen, in exchange for money. On average, it was for only about thirty dollars. There's a lot more to the study and different factors they used during the experiment, but an interesting read, if you get the chance.

    I believe many of us are, but only because most of us rely on money to take care of our needs. If you live in an area where you don't have to worry about paying electricity bills or water bills, you probably don't obsess about money to much. Their biggest worries are most likely feeding the family.

    I cannot be obsessesd with money I have none.....

    There was atime in my life I would have given everything away if it would have changed the problem in my life. Money ment nothing. It was love that changed all

    No, not all of us are obsessed about money. But I really feel like it is the root of most evil. I agree with gary it's not the money, it is what you can have or get by having money. The power that comes with it.

    Remember it isn't just the money, it's the want of more and more that's evil. Look at all those CEO's getting millions for screwing their workers who made money for the corporation. And they get no raise or respect.

    That's easy for those to say, who are not in that position. I don't think people who are on the streets have inner-peace. They'd like some dough to get by. So money is great, cash is king.
    God wants us all to be happy. And if that means working hard to buy toys such as a big house, cars, vacations, etc; so be it. Why should anyone feel guilty for being successful? We seem to be obsessing over money here lately. Like money is some evil thing that's going to get us all. We all see the homeless and less fortunate, but should we feel "guilt" because of it? Hell no. Not everyone got their money ripping others off. Do I feel "obligated" to help those less fortunate? No.

    Money needs to be replaced with "I care about you as much as myself". imo

    They used to say, "money is the root of all evil".

    I beg to differ! Because the Lord sent disciples without it so that it would be given to them. They were not without.

    Money is not the root of all evil, it is what people do with it, to get it that makes what one does the evil for the sake of money. People will do just about anything to get money. Some even sell their kids for the short lived spend it can afford them.

    It is the mind that matters the thing of evil in deed.

    Your sister,

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