do we all choose our own destiny?

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    I agree we are all products of our decisions but that can be changed by making new ones.Change the way you think and the world will change with you.


    "What's my destiny mama?"


    In which reality are you speaking from?


    <a href="/users/3033/mom/">@mom</a> - I agree with are what you think. If you send out negative energy it will return to you, the same with positive energy.


    My reality;)...think of it this way...if you go out in public all pissy and moody ...people react to your mood....if you change your moos the reaction to you will be different again. Works everytime.;)


    whatever it is , it's gotta be a great one the way you seem to be on here coach...gotta luv ya xo

    Well, I would say yes we have a choice thats how God created us with freedom of choice not a robots

    Yes!! Your destiny awaits you!!


    as well as your chariote

    Expect Good. Claim Good. Think Good. See Good. Look for Good.

    Everywhere, in everything, Expect Good, Claim Good, Watch for Good.

    I agree with most of the above people if you want to attract people to you, you have to be attractive and I dont mean good looking I have found many ordinary looking people to be the most attractive. No one wants to hang around or be friends with a sour puss, but a cheerful happy person will "attract". To this end, you control your own destiny. Let me give you a few clues how to do this in case you are asking for your own sake. Be enthusiastic of things around you, nothing is as contagious as enthusiasim. I did a lot of personality training and I would have people in the group go to the door and shout" LOOK OUT WORLD HERE I COME" Never forget the old chestnuts "Winners make it happen, losers let it happen" "If you want to be a winner hang out with winners" If you have negative friends change your friends because as sure as sunrise if you dont lift them up they will drag you down.Hope this is not too lecturey but hate to see a good life wasted. Cheers.


    well said.. I remember this line or similar from a teacher I had in high school.. I never forgot it.
    "Winners make it happen, losers let it happen"

    I think a lot of you are looking at this from a pretty comfortable western exsistance. Try telling a kid scrambing about on a rubbish tip in Afica, or South America that he controls his destiny, and I think he may disagree with you.
    Ibelieve its chosen for us,i didnt want half the things thats happened in my life but it certainly came my way,seems i wasnt meant to be a brain surgeon, doctor or lawyer and i wasnt meant to be a beggar living on the streets.Sure we have choices but sometimes circumstances dont allow us to fufill our desires,therefore i believe our life is mapped out.

    Only if you can get rid of the garbage in your life and move forward.

    Well sometimes the environment and they way we grew up and how we were treated greatly attibutes to this, but mostly it is about choices and consequences be they good or bad.

    We are all products of the decisions we have made from our childhood, good or bad or indifferent.

    lol this is just my opinion so if others disagree feel free to, i think we think we do except we don't. i could explain further except i can't be stuffed to.

    One's Destiny is wholly dependent upon one's character. Thus is with a certainly is guided by one's choices. Conditions and circumstances are a reflection of such choices, And these are the test and the testament; joy and happiness or missery and sorrow.

    nicely put
    No! I believe it is chosen for us; but we kind of drift into it.

    I should say, there is a word which says "We are chosen before the foundation of the world". That is for purpose in some of us. Should we find our "niche" in life, it is what is meant for us to do. We do it and for some reason, there is a driving force within us that when we do just that, we excel at that very thing.

    Once we find that specific "title", if you will, that specific "job", if you want, it is like we are leaders in that particular area of responsibility; hard for some to remove us from the pedestal of which that is.

    You know it, when you do it, because you love it, and excel at it.
    Something inside of you drives you toward it.

    Some of you know what I'm talking about!

    Your sister,


    Oh yes, we do

    Everything you experince, every situation, is exactly what you asked for. You are the writer, director and actor of your life. Your perception is your thoughts projected outward, like a movie projector. Don't like what you see, rewrite the script, it's that simple.

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