what is a medical proven way to grow your penis?

    the quickest way to enlarge a males penis!

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    We apparently have a web doctor as a member now. At least that's what he calls himself. Maybe he'll pop by with some professional advice.

    oh my we are so is just amazing the stuff some people come up with....
    Seriously,If you THINK you have small genitalia,then you will have small genitalia.there is very little difference in penis sizes.
    And it is true.The Size of the gun doe's NOT count.(It's the velocity of the shot that matters!)
    Celibacy.Don't have any sort of sex ever again.You will be a swingin'dick before you know it.:-)
    As far as I know surgery will give you some length as long as you don't go crazy, but it's very expensive. Do you really need something that costs a mid-size car in your pants? Try this, tie your butt to a large tree and your penis to the rear end of a mid-size car and pull. Much cheaper, just as painful, and who knows it just might work
    My answer was anecdotal and not intended to be scientific. I am not a Doctor but i did play one in a TV commercial when I was in my twenties ;)

    That's right. You were the one who felt it was important to point out that only females can get pregnant. Yeah, great xpert advice there. 2 and 3 year olds should appreciate that bit of wisdom. By 4, I'm pretty sure every child knows only mommies can have babies.

    Are you also not an ex mayor but merely played one on a high school stage?
    Try smashing it with a door. I caught mine caught in a car door when i was 17 and it got twice its original size.
    lock yourself in a room with a 21 year old naked blond. that will make it grow.
    get surgery to let out the extra 3 inches or use a waterbed.

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