nostradamus : prophet or not?

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    Not at all, he has quite a bit of very vaige predictions.

    He was a reporter, a historian, and a pharmacist who was not allowed to be a doctor. A prophet? Not at at all.

    BIg NO .His prediction my mother-in -law would leave after i was married did not is just one big laugh you"ve go to Lol

    The collection of Nostradamus's prophecies contains an interesting
    story. It was intended as a guide for his son- not really for
    public consumption. Over and again he affirms that there is nothing
    supernatural or mystical about his process or its outcome.
    Nostadamus saw himself as a scientist using astronomical
    information to divine the future. It was tedious mathematical work.
    During his time astrology was an excepted science (popes even
    employed astrologists).It would have insulted him to imply there
    was something spiritual or otherworldly about his calculations;
    so he was not a prophet nor did he perceive himself as being one.
    The practical usefulness of his predictions is debatable and to
    modern eyes his craft doesn't seem scientific but for the era
    that's exactly what it was: science.

    He has not a clue of what he writes

    How to tell if there is a prophet among you...

    Scripture says: "Where two or more are gathered together in my name, there will I be also".

    In the Old Testament, if a man stood before the nation of people and told them he had a dream from God; the people often believed that he carried the word of God and was construed as a prophet.

    Some crafty individuals caught on to this and decided how easy it was to lead the people in directions they wanted the people to go by saying, "I have a word from God to share and He gave it to me in a dream". The people followed blindly.

    God decided He was not going to speak with people through dreams anymore because the people didn't know who to believe. So, He did away with it by informing those whom He chose to advise the people that if someone says that to them, they were not to believe that person, and that individual was to be put to death.

    People stopped telling their dreams. Stop saying those things. Got back on the straight and narrow with God.

    However, a certain fellow was fighting a war and uncertain of his own power over his enemies and God talked with him. Told him He was on his side; this fellow still doubted himself; not God. So, God told him, go down to the river and walk among the people and just listen to what you hear. He did it, didn't know what he was supposed to be listening to and had incidentally overheard a conversation between two men; one of which described a dream he had where a muffin or biscuit or something (lol) rolled over a tent. The other fellow replied to him, that must be the Lord God gonna let Giddeon win this war over his enemies.

    That man's faith was welled up in his heart. He went back and prepared fully for that war and won it!

    Now, God decided He was going to revisit His means of communication with men. He said: "In the last days, I will pour out my Spirit upon all flesh. Your sons and daughters shall prophecy and your old men will dream-dreams. Certainly the apostles believed it,as they reiterated it among those present when choosing another apostle to replace Judas.

    So, how can we be certain that the message is from God? Because Jesus said that there will be more than one of them. They will be strangers saying a very similar occurrence; something that occurred to them in a dream or in vision form. But, you cannot trust no one man's dream and be lead by it.

    Nostradamus? - possible. Yes.

    Your sister,


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