Who knows where the expression" Freeze the balls off a brass monkey" comes from?

    The question is who KNOWS not who can look it up. It will be easy to tell who researches it but I am interested in who KNOWS.

    I know and I have not researched it. We seem to be losing so much knowledge these days, preferring to google everything.

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    I gain knowledge from googling. I've learned a lot from having to google answers to questions I would never have thought of asking because, well, I guess I just never needed to know.

    I need to know now Peoplelover where does it come from I have asked a few people and know body knows Brilliant question!

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    peoplelover i was just about to log off and i noticed you posted the question, i still don't know, see ya , good night

    I thought the expression was freezing the balls off a brass monkey and I do not know the origination of same


    you are right ole hipster
    I think it originates from ornaments i.e brass monkeys and a few trades people use to have them in there shop I could be wrong on this so dont hang me if I am wrong LOL

    WRONG! Mel but you have given me a new quetion to ask.

    Don`t forget I will be in London, Walthamstow E10 in October and I want a free cuppa and a chat.

    well peoplelover it was a stab in the dark and I never loooked on the internet when I answer questions yea I was barking up the wrong tree it sounded good though! as you are said you are coming to Uk (London) well you will have to come to Manchester because thats where I am near it you get there I will treat you to a cuppa and sandwich gotta get the right lingo!WOW the edit works now brilliant I have been to walthamstow got a really good Market their and E10 is not far from Essex where I was dragged up No not really! Also whats the next Question?

    Would not like to be dragged by the proverbials Mel, from London yo Manchester. Got a good mate that hails from Preston area. He has been out here some 40 odd years.

    Are the sanwiches going to be cucumber? if they are I am not coming. Sooner a Naffi bun.

    Will post new question tonight. now.

    No its not cucumber I like them but there not too everyones liking any sarnie you want! peoplelover,i'm back . bloody hell it was cold this morning, enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey. lol. i wonder what happens  to a female brass monkey?


    her nipples freeze off.

    LOL.... Good one Bulletman.

    I was going to say freeze her boobs off, but Colleen has got to the point of things before I could, Lol.

    Maybe from the Beastie Boys? You know the song brass monkey?

    Where is Monkey when you need her? Has anyone seen her on the site lately?


    Monkey left us a while ago.

    To bad, thanks for the info. Colleen.
    I cheated and looked it up .... interesting. I'm betting not many know this.

    Naughty Flip, honest but still naughty.

    Melandrupet: I want to tell you that I agree 100 %.  akaqa is good because it is NOT google. anybody can google but few people have acess to a cross section of answers from the people - all ages, all levels, the serious, the funny, the old, the young, the fat, the thin ... well, you know. I look some things up, of course. but i just feel sad when i go to answer a question and i see a list of all the CORRECT answers has already been posted.  there is no reason for me to be when this happens. there is no reason for any of us to be. 

    If i come across a serious question like "Is this cancer?" i will tell t he person who asks that i don't know but they might find a partial answer at google, but the doctor is their best place to find the answer.

    thank you for bringing this up. I haven't read the other answers yet. 

    I don't know anything about the freezing brass monkey balls ... google it or call your doctor. : ) 


    Woopsydaisy! I meant to address this to Peoplelover. But I still <3 you, Melan.

    I heard the expression dates from the days when warships carried cannonballs in a brass receptacle, and when is was very cold the balls froze to the receptacle ( 'monkey' ). If this is true, the expression should be ' to freeze the balls ONTO a brass monkey'.

    Do Americans use this expression?


    Yes we do, but now I know what it means. I never used it in mixed company before because I thought "the obvious". Kinda like "colder than a witch's tit".
    To Itsmee thanks for the vote of confidence and especially thanks for "google it or call your doctor" my first laugh on a rainy Queensland morning.

    Love the rain being a boy from a area that was prone to drought.

    We had one occasion when it had not rained for four years and when it did all the kids under four fainted with shock and we had to throw buckets of dust over them to bring them aruond.

    When war ship of the last centuary had large cannons & the amo was gun powder & steel balls always kept in storage near the gun called the brass monkey... When it was really freezing in the northern hemisphere the ball would freeze & fall off the storage area... Hence the saying "freeze the balls of a Brass off a brass monkey...

    Oh, by the way ... the beetles or the stones or dylan were poet enough to write those words. You know ,goes like this ... that  blond in the corner was cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey . that's my guess and i'm sticking to it. 

    Mick has a song something like this  ... she was cold, she was cold, she was soooo dam cold.

    You get the cigar almost nomdeplume. Brass contracts more than any other metal so the balls fell off not froze too.


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