Why are we so easily offended? is it our pride?

    every time we turn a new page someones crying about somthing!(not nessacerly on this site but life in general)

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    Did I miss something?


    no i think i did

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    to some people it's pride, to some people it's ignorance, to some people it's the effect of society, you can never rule out what makes a person offended, it's called 'personal life' i don't easily get offended, i like getting my point across, but some people just get really offended quickly which is what i hate, i mean your a grown up, you got to learn how to control your brains pattern of thinking for a little bit. :)


    t.u., doubleH, good answer.

    It takes a lot to offend me but ignorance does upset me when there's no desire to learn.
    My thought on this is when someone offends you they insult you. Most times for me when someone accuses me of something I didn't do, that will bother me. Other times someone takes what I said or typed the wrong way, and they hammer back hard, hurling insults etc., that's offensive but usually doesn't bother me.

    Many times it's the truth about us that can hit the hardest, like when a friend calls you out for treating your girl bad, or something your not doing right. We justify our actions to perceive ourselves in our own minds as good people.

    How many people have you met that have a completely different view of themselves, than the rest of the world had, i.e., Charlie Sheen. Pride can compel us to continue down the wrong path, all for the hopes of being correct or right. We have blinders on sometimes when it comes to our own actions.

    Some people are just sensitive or oversensitive people, I have dated some seriously sensitive women, I think the root of the problem may be in insecurity. It can cause us to misunderstand what people are saying because our own perceptions. Or what we think other people think about us.


    we just don't want to accept a different view of something because were afraid of accepting the truth, We Don't Want To Be Proven Wrong (PRIDE)

    Vanity, low self esteem. pride. ignorance, guilt, too name a few
    I javent any that explains why I an never trully offended.. But self respect ihave in truck loads.

    No it is not always pride sometimes it is the environment we grew up in and how we were treated growing up but I hope and pray to overcome that in life but I know I cannot do it alone I can only do it with God's help.

    Low self-esteem, guilt are culpirt's else hurtful things would just run off like water on a ducks back. Don't nurture it, a fire cannot burn if you do't throw fuel on it. One must simply consider the source, ignore it, forgive it, walk away. Its just ignorance going on. ;)
    To irritate, annoy, or anger; cause resentful displeasure in: Even the hint of prejudice offends me.

    roll with the punches..or start punching back

    Yeah, I do! Punch back.

    If one is offended and punches back in word or act, one demonstrates ones kinship with offender, thus expanding the offense. By this one is become the slave to another; the very offender, by taking on the burden of hurt and anger. The dark spirit has moved from the offender into the one offended. This is how the dark spirit maintains its existence. Stop it in its tracks forgive.

    It is often hard to forgive such offenses. But, one must take a little time to cool off and let go. Dump the burden, being happy inside, far surpasses anger and hurt which left untended; unforgiven ever leads to aging and sickness. One becomes the Master of ones self in the Light of ones Joy, dispite the chaos. It sure feels a lot better, so be good to yourself make the right choice. The offender is ignorant of these things, therefore doesn't know any better. Its just ignorance goin on. ;-)

    Thank god I do not believe in turn the other cheek. Bullies are not longer bullies once someone knocks them on their a**.


    If someone offends you, do you value their opinion more than your own?

    If someone offends you, have they taken away some of your power?

    We look for power ro replace missing, or partially missing, self esteem

    Authority, horsepower, larger, more valuable, having things, going shoppping for an uplift, all substitute for self empowerment, ie self-esteem

    If you're not what you have expected yourself to be, you might considering being something else, like satisfied with yourself.

    Do you value the opinion of others to reinforce how you feel about yourself.  If you do you try to influence and trick others in ways;  authority, horsepower, etc., into viewing you as you want to view yourself. 

    Seems their  is no  greater motivation for the human being than self-esteem.

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