if one lie could save someones soul would you lie?

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    No. People are responsible for their own soul. I do not believe any soul can be destroyed so there's never a need to save it from destruction, if this was your intent behind the question.

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    I would lie to save someone from harm, but they are responsible for their soul.



    TU. Good answer.

    There is not a lie that could save any soul. If it could then I might try.

    Why do you want to justify an action that is so confused that you think a moral action can come from an immoral action. All things follow origin. Snakes do not give birth to apple trees. The notion of lost soul...that is so curious to me. The only being who could loose someones soul is the creator of it because it's existence is dependent upon that relationship in perpetual contact. That doesn't happen and never has. If your body lost the only thing that keeps it alive...that is would die and you would persist as the soul, because you did not create yourself.



    How daren? In my belief, one is soul. You are not your body. You are not the astral body within the physical body. You are Soul within both bodies. How do you lose your Soul if you are Soul? Soul can not be destroyed and as a part of God, Soul can never be lost as it's for eternity linked to God by a thread much like an umbilical cord. This is how God never leaves Soul and Soul never leaves God. Soul can only return to IT, it can not go anywhere else and be disconnected from the IT (God by your religion's terminology).


    not entirely true one can lose his own soul

    By lying to try to help someone else, does that make your sole worse off, or better off because you are trying to help save someone else? I'm not religious, but the question got me wondering which it would be. Is a lie to help another a bad thing?

    After all, when you wife asks you how you feel about seeing a movie called, "Terms of Endearment" for the thirty-seventh time, and you know its her favorite movie in the world - ever, and if you tell her the truth she will get upset thinking you think her taste in movies are terrible, is it bad to lie and sit there on the sofa, holding her in her arms while she bawls her eyes out, or is it better to piss her off and tell the truth?

    In other words, is a white lie that might save a soul the same thing as a big lie that has nothing to do with saving a soul?

    So in answer to your question, when you willingly lie, you are taking the risk of loosing your own soul, with no guarantee that your lie will save another soul. In fact, by lying you are showing by example that lying has no potential consequences to your soul and might possibly cause someone else to stumble.

    (Don't read this Colleen, just watching out for you!)
    Our natural existence in this world is lost. We are all lost souls by nature. Because this world was created for Adam and Eve. The Devil had the freedom to temp them into his rebellion, and when they followed him, just as one third of all of the angels did, they lost their dominion of the earth and the earth became the habitation of demons and their domain. Jesus offered Himself up to die in mans place and rescue the lost world. Jesus who was equal with the Father, not by steeling anything, that is just who He is, had to surrender His throne and become a human being and gain the victory as a human being. He had to die the death of a transgressor. He had to feel the torment of complete separation from His Father, with whom he had always been. His sacrifice is eternal, as he will always have the scares of His humanity.



    LOL, it's your right to believe in what gives you the answers you need. I've said it before and I'll say it again, all religions and beliefs based in love of God/IT will always be a path guiding Soul back to where it came from. As long as one believes in oneself (as we are all of God, to believe in oneself is to believe in God) or believes in love of God/IT and loves in return, they are never lost.

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