"christianity!! is it in your head or in your heart?

    nobody knows scripture better than satan but god himself.beware yours souls at risk!

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    The only way a person can become a christian is by taking in accurate knowledge of the scriptures and then applying the principles of God's Word in their lives. Not some of them but all of them.


    not so one nust ask christ into their hearts and lives

    He is in my Head and Heart. The great thing is I am in His Family

    My head knows that I asked Jesus to be my Savior and He is. My heart knows that I am a Christian . My whole body feels the joy every time I feel His love

    in the bible,God looks at man heart which means bacic,instrution,before,leaving earth.frist of all ,you have to be born on earth frist.someone had to rase you,until You could thing for your shef.that mean your brain was here frist can you control your can"t control the brain but you can control what your brain take in or out.You tell your brain what to do when you see some, hear something, smile something,tast something,fill something,and to carry all of your body parts including your brain your feet. in the bible it said a man of God footstep or order by who is controlling your ,and i did"t have a chour of being born on this earth,and we don"t have the power not to live this who is in control.but there is some hope for you .when you say what or who control our brain.You control to do right or wrong way to walk.
    Its both for me.My head is filled with his words and knowledge,my heart is filled with his love.
    Christianity involves both head and heart. Its the whole man that is changed and transformed.. our body last of all at the resurrection.
    According to Christ, as God is a spirit, and He seeks those to worship Him in Spirit and in truth; it must be in the heart and in the head.

    We follow Christ, who followed after the heart of God. We need to remember that it is not just about the Lord Christ, but about God. Christ came to tell us about the God we didn't know, and what He sought in the man kind that he made.

    We worship Christ because we know He is king of our lives and in our lives. However, there will be those who will come to know it much later; and they will bow before Him and before us who have believed and told them so.

    PS: Speaking of "chambers", the head is the chamber of the spirit. It is the heart that feels the joy.

    Also, there are extremists on either side! Whether he be a man of faith or a man with no faith at all; there is a foolish excuse for the evil that is done.
    Why attack those that claim to have a faith? Remember, the sky is not always blue!

    Your sister,


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