if you were a 17 year old girl whos pregnant , what would you do , raise the baby with your boyfriend , with both having low income jobs , or do adoption to a family that you know is wealthy , has experience with an adopted child, and is willing to do an open adoption. HELP ??!!??!!

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    Later on in life, you might wonder and wish you had never adopted it out. I have seen so many programs on tv where the mother wishes she had never done it. The kids always wonder why the  mother never wanted them. It's a hard question. I think it's best if you keep it. Can't your mother or his mother help you both out? You should both finish your educations. Then when you are older you can better care for your child.

    I was a 17 yr old pregnant girl. I lost my daughter when I was 28 weeks preg... I had decided after looking at all of my options that I would raise my daughter. But i could not have made that choice if I did not have family support. I concidered adoption and knew I could not live with open adopton.. I would always want to incinuate myself in her life. I was scared I would ,after she was in a loving home, change my mind.

    Well, I was also adopted, and I agree with you,but my big this is , I know the person very well on who is wanting to adopt my baby , so I can see it quite often but I'm still very unsure :(

    baby girl... this is your dision... but a child is like nothing to have ever known.. more than mom or dad or brother, best friend, boyfriend.. There is no seeing your child being raised by other ppl and not wanting to be that person for them. You need to be all or nothing. IMO

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