should I lieve my husband, we have desagriments all the time?

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    Suggest you get someone qualified to help you with your problems.
    We are not professional's in marriage problems at this site.


    Excellent answer.

    You should both sit down and really talk, not argue and see if you can come to some kind of understanding. Married couples are going to have disagreements, that just being human. My wife and I have been married 38 years and we argue sometimes, but we'll talk it out and come to an understanding. If things get any worse, you may need to see a marriage counselor . Good luck to you and your husband.

    Everyone must find their own happiness. If you feel you and your husband have tried everything to make the marriage better, then why continue? There's too many miserable people in this world. Everyone should find what makes them happy. Forget the bad and useless unions.

    Now, think to yourself, what I wrote there, is that truly your marriage and life?? Think honestly about it.

    Did you take that vow, For Better or Worse? If so, did you really mean it?


    Yes I can relate to that Ed.But every avenue should be explored first for the kids sake.

    Countrybumpkin who said to live in abject misery rather than seperate and live in sunshine.

    The marriage vows were made up by man/woman kind and if you get married by a so called Minister of god or Priest or Pastor you say "I do" and it means nothing, just what tradition has done to people.

    That is why more and more people prefer a celebrant.

    Or do you feel these are not "married"
    country bumpkin

    Peoplelover: I feel that in this day and time, most people just don't take marriage seriously anymore. People these days view it as just some casual affair and don't seem to want to put in the time or effort required to make a marriage work once they realize it isn't all fun and games.
    Please don't misunderstand me, I don't expect for anyone to stay in a relationship if he/she is unhappy. But...I do think divorce should be the second to last resort a person should take before he/she divorces a spouse.( The only other option would be to kill the person, and I'm not so much into taking peoples lives). LOL
    Kisses and hugs, From the Bumpkin.

    If you have kids,my answer is NO! Work it out.
    If you don't have kids,by all means,move on & you will both be happier.
    ed shank

    Tommyh, I have to disagree with that comment. Most unhappy marriages are the result of having kids, and staying together for their sake. Perhaps this sounds selfish but we only go around once. The kids will leave and you look back and wonder was it worth "existing" in a hollow relationship?

    To disagree is in itself not a bad thing, unless there's verbal or physical abuse. If you can be civil to one another and not be on the same page may be a good thing. It shows that your spouse is concerned about important issues in regards to the family/relationship. I don't think a day has gone by in forty years were my wife and I didn't disagree on something. As long as she doesn't put me in a choke hold, I fine with it.

    My XOL and I get along great, now, after a divorce and we both understand that love is so much better than romance. We agreed to certain basics and I consider universal truths in our relationship. I am always wrong if we disagree. She is always right. I can do anything I choose to do outside the house subject to her disapproval. This works great for us because as everyone knows, I can really screw up. Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses…we just figured that the one who is strong in any given situation should be in charge. Deal making is part of a relationship…who handles the books, who cooks and how much, household duties are not just a woman’s place.  And after all required experiences what is a fair split? 

    ed shank

    I don't cook or do windows. The rest we talk about.

    You disagree??? Ummm did you want to marry yourself??? nothing is free in the world you have to work to have a functional relationship.


    "Other men said they have seen angels, But I have seen thee And thou art enough." G. Moore

    Funny how everything works out like it should regardless of our individual expectations life is still full of surprises. We expect to find the day to be like the one before, but today has so many unique ways of looking at how things are going that the similarity between toddy and yesterday is lost in all of the differences. I never expected this to be the way of my life and it continues to surprise me.

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