Important points of interest if you were planing a national road trip?

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    First of all, make sure you have more than enough money.

    A G.P.S. would be my first important piece of equipment, then you can find mostly anything.

    Yes,good points to consider when planing the overall detail. In my case the scope will be from San Francisco to Washington D.C. As this site helps me make good decisions I wanted to ask the question. I was fishing for persons favorites I guess. I think I'll go into AAA and ask their advice too.

    counting cows can also be fun.


    Oh yeah, I counted armadillo's on the way up to Orlando, the only problem was I was driving. I actually did, only got up to nine. I usually count gators, but for some reason they weren't out. Probably to cold for em.

    afew years back myself and a few guys flew out to new mexico to ski at taos ,we landed at night and had a good 2 hour drive we must have seen 300 buffalo on the way, we thought it was pretty cool till the next morning we realized what we saw was tumble weed of some sort.

    plan around october 15th alot of places will be closed in celabration of DEER HUNTERS APPRICIATION DAY

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