if the bible is false why is there more books written on this topic than any other?

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    It is known that nearly every culture in the world has stories or legends from which one could almost write the book of Genesis. Most cultures have a story about a worldwide flood similar to Noah's flood. Creation legends---not dissimilar to the account in Genesis regarding the creation of woman, the entrance of death, and the original man and animals being vegetarian(Gen.1:29,30) --abound in the cultures around the world. This is powerful evidence that these stories have been handed down generation after generation I suppose you can take this evidence and say that the Bible is a copy of these other stories?

    Then again... Maybe a logical way to accept this evidence might be to understand that the accounts in the Bible are true, and the reason every culture has a creation story similar to the one in the Bible is because we all came from the same place. You can apply this way of thinkingto the flood account as well. Don't you think that being that there are more accounts of the same stories even though they may differ, being that there is more evidence from more than one source, you might just think that this would help the story rather than discredit it?


    I went to a series of meetings from an astrotheologist, or whatever they are called. She did a good job. But as far as I'm concerned the Creator that hung the stars, that knows the end from the beginning, wants His story told. So yes, from listening to her and studying her materials, I could see much of what we learn in the Bible being told from the stars. In my opinion, though, there is too much room for human error in listening to another human try to explain the stars, then there is in opening the Bible and studying for myself.


    Yes the stories did get told and passed down to younger generations however these stories are not to be taken literally. These stories are about the stars. Ancient societies created elaborate stories about the stars to track their movement in the sky. Watch the first 30 minutes of Zeitgeist at and you'll see what I mean. It is the most evidence I have ever seen about where all religion came from, not just Christianity.

    The Bible isn't false but people are willing to risk that it is, for the same reason that Jesus was mocked, beaten, betrayed and murdered by the people He came to save. They wanted something different, they wanted and earthly king that would set them up as His governor's. Kind of like the JW's. They didn't want a humble servant of men; saying, sell what you have, give the money to the poor and come and follow me, you'll have treasure in heaven. Human beings want their treasure in this life, except for the Muslim's who are willing to give up this life for the desire of virgins in heaven.


    quit listening to the propaganda and do some real research. And yes the bible is included in propaganda. When you can start following the bible stories and begin connecting them to astrotheology then you're on the right path. All religions derive from astrotheology. In short, just stories about the stars anthropomorphized.

    It's not that the bible is false. It is usually ones interpretation of the bible that is false. Did you know that the Christian story is one of the oldest on the planet. Contrary to popular belief, if one does his/her research you would learn that the three kings following the star in the east, the virgin birth on December 25 and all of the other attributes that make up the Jesus story are all pulled out of an ancient Egyptian pagan religion that dates back over 3000 years b.c. The Egyptians used to worship their sun god Horus, who was born on December 25 by the Virgin Davaki and so on. This story has all of the same attributes as the Jesus story only written 3000 years earlier, and it’s not the only one. At the same time developing societies everywhere were using this story, the only thing changing was the name of their God and the virgin who gave birth. I urge you to look into this. You'll find a whole world of truth about religion and you should conclude that all religions derive from astrotheology and most of the stories you read in a bible are stories about our solar cycles anthropomorphized and personified into what we know today as the constellations. In conclusion, the most unbelievable aspect of Christianity today is that people still take these stories as literal and don't see them for what they really are and that people still think that there is a man in the heavens who controls everything. Think about it most stories in the bible could not happen anywhere today except for a Hollywood film. From Adam and Eve, to Noha's arc, walking on water, turning water into wine, the talking bush. I strongly recommend a documentary called Zeitgeist. Just google it and you will learn more about religion in an hour than you have in your whole life. Good luck and I wish you well in your path to recovery from the largest psychological war ever put forth on mankind.


    it certainly is war

    "The Bible,

    at first sight, appears to be a collection of literature - mainly Jewish. If we inquire into the circumstances under which the various Biblical documents were written, we find that they were written at intervals over a space of nearly 1400 years. The writers wrote in various lands, from Italy in the west to Mesopotamia and possibly Persia in the east. The writers themselves were a heterogeneous number of people, not only separated from each other by hundreds of years and hundreds of miles, but belonging to the most diverse walks of life. In their ranks we have kings, herdsmen, soldiers, legislators, fishermen, statesmen, courtiers, priests and prophets, a tent making Rabbi and a Gentile physician, not to speak of others of whom we know nothing apart from the writings they have left us. The writings themselves belong to a great variety of literary types. They include history, law (civil, criminal, ethical, ritual, sanitary), religious poetry, didactic treatises, lyric poetry, parable and allegory, biography, personal correspondence, personal memoirs and diaries, in addition to the distinctively Biblical types of prophecy and apocalyptic.
    "For all that, the Bible is not simply an anthology; there is a unity which binds the whole together. An anthology is compiled by an anthologist, but no anthologist compiled the Bible".

    Who said the Bible is false? Only a 'FOOL' would utter such absurdity. The Bible is the only absolute truth available, and provides man with the very wisdom of our Creator.

    Headless Man

    Don't call anyone a fool, let the BIBLE do it: Proverbs 12:15
    The way of fools seems right to them, but the wise listen to advice.


    the bible is not false i agree, it also warns a bout calling anyone a "fool'


    my mum warned me about swimming after eating ,she was wrong in her information not a fool

    The Bible is not false. It's a history book as seen by / thru the eyes of many witnesses.

    Maybe it's NOT false.

    terryfossil 1

    Now there's a thought Clonge..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<..

    death is so mysterious. most of us are afraid of what happens. some think ... maybe the answer lies in religion.


    death is the new frountier

    Why do people who know we CHRISTIANS celebrate JESUS Birthday on December 25.Non believers spend more money on that day.Than any other holiday.

    The Bible is not false. There are no contradictions. Yes, there are many translations and words and phrases are left out of some of them. The King James Version is the standard of the Word of God but many use the New International Version. I still study with the King James but also use the Amplified and Message translations.

    Anything that is highly marketable will be promoted for profit many times over and in many different forms. The bible sells. Too many sheep that just follow the herd rather than think for themselves choose Christianity because it is the popular choice here in the USA and then there are those who follow what the Americans do because the USA is the leader of the free world. This in no way proves that it is God's religion. If everyone else is doing it, then they will too. Buy a bible and save your Soul (free ticket to heaven included) could be the catch phrase for the bible manufacturing companies. SELL, SELL, SELL...MARKET, MARKET, MARKET! What a money maker it is!

    I had not seen this link before tonight, pray tell what do half the material contained in this section got to do with answering the original question "why are there more books written about this----"

    My answer to the question, sex sells and so does gossip and contraversy. There is nothing more contraversal than peoples belief in the so called word of god when even here you can see a "believer" saying it was written by goat herders, soldiers, states men ad infernito from all over the place yet it is the "word of god"

    every-one likkes a good story,look at it this a thousand years ,people will think The Lord Of The Rings was a real event too .There might even be pilgrims to Mt Doom and everything..

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