why is it wrong to type in CAPS?

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    Internet etiquette. To use all caps in typing is reflective of yelling or shouting. Since people are hearing you visually, it is like hearing you shout every time you say something when you type in all caps.

    It's not just here. Every forum or discussion site on the internet will have the same issue with someone who types only in caps. A lot of forums actually ban people who type only in caps.

    Not using cap lock to type your complete message or comment is showing respect to those who find it annoying or offensive to feel like they are being shouted at. More people will by-pass shouted comments rather than read them. If you have vision problems and find it hard to see your own type, then you can adjust the size of type as it shows on your computer so that you can type without having your letters all in caps. For this forum I've found that if you hold down on the Ctrl key on your keyboard and move the scroll button on your mouse up or down, it will increase or decrease the size of the text on the page.


    didn't know that point wll taken!!

    I don't like someone in my face yelling at me at point blank..

    Please don't use all caps, I see it as YELLING AND LACKING IN EXPRESSION BEYOND YELLING, EVEN IF A PERSON WANTS TO SAY SOMETHING NICE LIKE HAVE A GREAT DAY ITS LIKE YOU ON ONE CORNER AND ME ON ANOTHER YELLING AT EACH OTHER....see how nice this is now? It makes it so nice to see caps where they belong and soft lower case like the soft voice of a beautiful woman about to seduce you to oblivion..

    It's not wrong but can be misconstrued as being forceful or yelling in typing.

    i sometimes type in caps when i want my answer to be seen, and yes your probably right it is a form of shouting,i dont think that its rude or ignorant its just another form of silent communication without the shouting.



    Occasional caps to emphasize a point or stress a particular word or phrase so as not to be mistaken, such as MY OPINION is fine and acceptable by the majority of internet forum users. But to type in caps to make sure your "seen" seems like a weak reason to me. It's not like all posts are seen at the same time so yours might get "drowned out" by all the others. One yells in a crowded noisy room to be heard (in the real world). An internet page is hardly a crowded noisy room. Your post will be seen without yelling.You did not "yell" this one and you know that at least 3 people have seen it.



    pina, go read your book of hate and stop being being a gnat. You are truly pathetic.


    i don't get it, what's foolishness got to do with typing and caps and stuff like that? pina??


    thanks angie.


    yes im with you on that daren1.

    It is wrong to type in caps because you are essentially shouting at someone or writing something in more of an aggressive way.

    i dont honestly see how someone would be offended by TYPING IN CAPS ,we read all kinds of other blogs,websites...ect.i think it's the contex that can be offence not the size of the text



    No, it's the text size. I skip over anything that's typed in caps. If you were in my house shouting like that, I'd tell you to use your inside voice please. : )


    maybe its time to close this question

    Drives me nuts with email too, especially when someone sends me a joke and they think i am blind and they use 40pt font or larger that you need to scroll to read it. Anymore I just delete them when I see the big text. It's silly and insulting that they think I cant see..

    Yeah basically how it is taken is when someone types in all caps it is like you are considered screaming at them and being rude.

    It's ignorant and extremely rude.

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