And about that killer python in Florida ...

    No No No. Why?

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    It's going to jury trial, that's the worst way to go. Lawyers hate jury trials, you never win. This is a snake vs. a kid...who do you think is going to win? Not the snake! The snake only does what nature has told it to do since it was born, can you blame it. No! But the owners are responsible to keep the snake contained so that it won't harm anyone - ever! Pretty cut and dried when you look at it from that point. Kid dead, now the snake's gonna be dead. The owners are going to be loosing some money too.


    I have terror over snakes and reptiles. It's unusual that I should type the word. Florida is just full of pythons. I can't even say what I think.
    P.S. I have a double post. I'm sorry. I couldn't find it so I did it again.

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