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    my question is legally what can i do about losing my medicaid due to the fact that my son turned 18 he is an asthma sufferer and attention deficit disorder for myself highblood pressure,shortness of breath,scoliosis of lower back,virtigo,clinical depression.

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    You can appeal Medicaid's decision. If you received a letter stating that your Medicaid has been terminated for not only your son but yourself, look on the back of that notice and you should find this appeal information and how to go about it. I did it and won in my State of Illinois although it took darn near a year to get my hearing (informal at Medicaid's office address which will be provided for you) The appeal was simple, the wait was long but well worth it when you have significant health issues and no other insurance that you can afford. I am in the state of Illinois and I don't know if all states differ. I imagine they do in some respects. Good luck! You may also try to get more info on this matter but googling your states name, then Medicaid questions and answers. You should be able to come up with more info there. Hope this helps. Life is difficult enough without you having this thrown at you!

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