how do I find what to do after my children grow up and leave home?

    my children are all grown, I had 4. I worked some while I raised them, we have recently moved to a new area...its hard finding a job, and I feel lost. I don't know what to do with the rest of my life.....I want it to be meaningful and challenging, exciting....

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    Don't worry.  You'll be a lot calmer and can return to drinking coffee again. Your hands will stop shaking too.


    Find volunteer groups especially for things you would be interested in. Helping someone else can always help you and I myself love animals also so I have signed up for an organization here that is called Hand and Paw I have a cat that is very people oriented moreso than most cats usually are this is an organization that uses animals (mostly dogs but they have agreed that Amelia is very people oriented and have agreed to train us) the session does not start again for training until September but I think what they do is pet therapy with children and people like childrens hospital, nursing homes and such. There are a myriad of volunteer organizations I am sure you can check out in your area to see something that might really interest you but would also tremendously help others?

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