Does anyone know the full extent of the country that these illegal immagrants come from?

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    They are trying to escape poverty,violence ,war,they are looking for working prospects and a safer country to be in.

    This is a subject that makes me a bit cranky. I am old and it is allowed sometimes:)
    I wonder what the American Indians thought when the immigrants came to their land. Was there a fuss when the slave traders brought the Africans to this land? Were the Mexicans happy when we took their land? Most of the citizens of this country have ancestors that were immigrants. Our history is not nice. Were the Irish welcomed? Were the Italians welcomed? Etc.
    We share this earth, we don't own it. I feel my job is to treat everyone as I would like to be treated.
    Have a good day everybody and thanks for letting me share my views.

    some are willing to die just to escape thier impovished envirement as well a goverments that do nothing, others are looking for a better future for themselves as well as their children,

    What immigrants?

    sorry about my spelling, im really just wondering if people know how bad these immigrants have it in their own country before saying that they cant come here

    Dont worry, about spelling, your not first person to make spelling mistake, and Im sure you wont be last.

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